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The Spiritual Meaning Of Libra Season Is All About Balance

by Valerie Mesa
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The sun enters Libra during the fall equinox — when we experience equal amounts of daylight and darkness — and Libra is the sign of equality. As per usual, nothing is coincidence, and the spiritual meaning of Libra season 2019 pretty much speaks for itself: You need balance in order to experience the harmony you seek.

Of course, the meaning of balance is subjective, but this is where the astrological houses come into play. For instance, the house that belongs to Libra in your birth chart is where you will likely experience clarity this season, in regard to relationships and your inner peace.

If you have any Libras in your life, good luck saying no to these snake charmers. Aside from being adorably charming, this cardinal air sign can't help but loathe confrontation. So much so, they'll do anything and everything to avoid all types of conflict. However, like a true cardinal sign, Libras have no problem taking initiative. They relate and connect with others easier than most, too, which is why they make brilliant conversationalists. If you ever need validation, hang out with a Libra.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Libra Season: Sept. 23 To Oct. 23


The phrase "go with the flow" couldn't be more fitting when relating to astrology. After all, the sun is the center of the universe, so we might as well follow it. For instance, getting your ducks in a row and tending to your well-being is priority during Virgo season. However, once autumn rolls around — which also happens to be the first day of Libra season — the focus will automatically shift toward the "other." That means the essence of Libra revolves around sharing and meeting people halfway.

Sitting directly opposite of self-centered Aries, the sun in Libra will inspire you to look outside of yourself, in order to experience spiritual fulfillment. Ruled by lovable Venus, Libra prefers to find common ground, as opposed to Aries, who can't resist a heated debate. What makes you similar to the people around you? What is your definition of compromise? With the help of justice-seeking Libra, making amends with an old friend might turn out to be easier thank you think. It all starts with an intention.

Wherever Venus goes, a butterfly trail of delightful charms will follow. It is no coincidence everyone loves Friday, considering it's the day of Venus, planet of love and beauty. The essence of Libra is similar in the sense that it prefers to keep things light and socially charming. Granted, too much of anything is never a good thing, but Libras don't do well with drama; it's simply not in their celestial DNA. The Libra archetype is depicted by the symbol of the scales, which is why it is essential to consider both sides of the story throughout this astrological season.

So, how can you make the most of the season of the scales? Listening to what someone else has to say is a great way to start. Something else you can do during this time is surround yourself with art and beauty. Activities such as going for a leisurely walk in the park, spending the day at the museum surrounded by artworks, and pretty much anything that helps you detach from the ruthless monotony of your day-to-day life could be great for your health as well. As I said, Libra is all about going with the flow, so float a little.

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