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If You're Any Of These 3 Signs, September Will Be Full Of Romance

by Valerie Mesa

Cuffing season's like clockwork. The moment the temperature starts to drop, many people immediately start looking for their ideal partner — almost like they're hoping to find someone to help them keep warm and cozy up with during the inevitable harsh, cold weather. Romantic, right? And September 2019 will be the most romantic month for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini and Pisces. What can I say? There's something whimsical about the autumn breeze. Not to sound too cliche, but love is definitely in the air.

Perhaps I've seen too many holiday rom-coms, but there's no denying the effects of a warm pumpkin spice latte and change of scenery, compliments of Mother Nature. And with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the meticulous sign of Virgo for the majority of the month, there's an innate desire for the picture-perfect scenario, whether it be romantically or professionally. The essence of Virgo is highly conservative, which will, in turn, prefer a courtship relationship, in which couples take their time getting acquainted with one another.

On that note, here's what September has in store for Taurus, Gemini, and Pisces in the love department:


Taurus: You're Swooning Over The Little Things

You're going through a personal revolution, Taurus. With Uranus retrograde via your sign, you have an insatiable urge to break free from the mundane and social norms, which, for the record, is so not like you. However, you can't help but thrive all throughout Virgo season, so you might as well make the best of it. The sun, Mercury, Mars, and ruling planet Venus will be frolicking through your expressive fifth house of passion, romance, and individuality for the majority of the month, so feel free to tap into your creative muse during this time.

Romance is 100% likely, considering the essence of these celestial energies along with pizazz of your dazzling fifth house. Looking for love? Despite your desire for all things boujee, you'd be surprised at how easily you fall for tiny details this season. The energy will shift a bit once Libra season rolls around, but even still, there will be opportunity for romance where you least expect it, because Libra rules the area of your chart that governs your day-to-day routine. So dress to impress, Taurus.

Gemini: Your Romantic Daydreams Are Starting To Manifest

You've got lots of on your mind, Gemini. And while some of your thoughts tend to be a bit bizarre, or perhaps even unnecessary at times, you can't help but enjoy daydreaming about your crush. Undercover rendezvous are likely, and this is especially true with Uranus retrograde via your mysterious 12th house of secrets, dreams, and all things behind the scenes. Have you been dreaming more vividly lately?

You might decide to stay low key during Virgo season, but rest assured, you'll be out of your shell once Libra season rolls around, if not before then. In fact, Venus and ruling planet Mercury slide into Libra — via your expressive fifth house of romance — early on Sept. 14. So don't be afraid to flaunt your irresistible charms, Gemini. For those of you who are coupled up, consider this your very own self-love party.

Pisces: You're Charming Your Partner With Sweet Gestures

You're in love with love, Pisces. Whether you're single or have a partner, there's something magical about Virgo season. For starters, the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will be saying their vows via your committed seventh house of partnerships for the majority of the month, so relationships will be top of mind for you during this time.

Mercury and Venus will slide into Libra and your sultry eighth house of intimacy on Sept. 14, which means all things smoldering with intensity will tickle your fancy all throughout the season.