You Might Feel Like A Totally Different Person After The Solar Eclipse In Cancer

Everyone says, "Have a great summer," but do they realize there are two eclipses taking place in July? It's difficult to predict anything when there are eclipses in store, let alone expect things to be "great." Even though eclipse season is when erratic changes and uncontrollable transformations can take place, let's talk about how the 2019 solar eclipse in Cancer will probably be a lot more beautiful than than you think when it takes place on July 2 at 3:16 p.m. EST.

It's true that eclipses are a time of deep uncertainty where anything goes. By the time it's all over, you might realize everything you thought you knew was a lie. The world could throw a wrench in your path that derails all your plans. Your relationships, expectations, goals, and situations are all up for grabs, so stay tuned, because there's no way of knowing how this story will end.

I bet if you look back on all the eclipses you've been through, you could pinpoint exactly how they altered the course of your life. For example, I started dating my current partner two days before an eclipse. A friendship that was very dear to my heart also ended right around an eclipse. I even embarked on a totally different career path just before an eclipse. See the picture I'm painting? In the words of Tame Impala: "Don't be blue / There is another future / Waiting there for you".

Solar Eclipses Activate Change That Starts From Deep Within

You may have noticed solar eclipses always take the place of the new moon and that alone says so much about its meaning. In basic terms, a solar eclipse is a new moon multiplied with intensity. You know how the new moon phase of the lunar cycle is all about releasing what no longer serves you, getting all your ducks in a row, and moving forward with a new beginning? The same is true for a solar eclipse, except this new beginning will feel more like the start of a new chapter instead of a turning of a page.

All you need to remember is that a solar eclipse creates change within you. It plants a seed that can't help but grow. You may experience feelings previously unknown to you or a change of heart that catapults you forward.

Let Your Emotional And Spiritual Needs Do The Talking

Because this solar eclipse takes place in cardinal water sign Cancer, it will effect change through deeply sensitive and emotional facets of your life. This calls attention to what is near and dear to your heart. Are you opening your life to the love you deserve? Being empathetic to those around you? Establishing a life filled with tender care and nourishment? This solar eclipse could feel like a compassionate metamorphosis.

Forming a trine with spiritual, kind, and dreamlike Neptune, it will activate your intuition and spark a transcendent form of creativity. It will also instill you with enough bravery to make sure you're feeling safe in your skin.

Embark On A New Journey That Begins Off The Beaten Path

As you already know, change is often imminent when an eclipse takes place, but this change, no matter how strange or unexpected, will just feel right. Let's not forget that the North node is in Cancer, which just emphasizes how transformative this experience will be. The North node symbolizes your destiny and everything you're meant to learn and accomplish in this life. When this solar eclipse forms a conjunction to the north node, a confidence in making the right decisions for your future will swarm your heart.

This solar eclipse will also form a lovely sextile with rebellious and unpredictable Uranus, which emphasizes a desire to go against the grain if it means being truer to yourself.