The Entire Royal Family Wished Prince Harry A Happy Birthday, So They're Cool, OK?


It's been seven months since Prince Harry announced his decision to step back from his senior royal role. Since then, rumors of a rift between Harry and his family have been at an all-time high. While, like any family, the members of the British monarchy probably don't agree 100% with each other on every single thing, the royal family's Instagrams for Prince Harry's 36th birthday prove, at the end of the day, they still love him each other very much.

In an effort to give their son, Archie, a somewhat normal life and work to become financially independent, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped away from their royal duties in March. They've since moved to Santa Barbara, California, and are doing their own thing, aka still volunteering for worthwhile causes like giving back to local schools, supporting community foundations, and inking a production deal with Netflix. Meanwhile, life has gone on as usual in the UK for the British royal family.

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, Harry celebrated his 36th birthday, and there was no shortage of social media posts in his honor from his royal family. Prince William and Duchess Kate shared an adorable photo of them racing Harry at an event writing, "Wishing a very happy birthday to Prince Harry today!" along with the cake and balloon emojis.

Over on The Royal Family's official Instagram account, Queen Elizabeth II shared a birthday message to her beloved grandson: "Wishing The Duke of Sussex a very happy birthday!" The pic shows a sweet moment between Harry and the queen from the Queen’s Young Leaders reception at Buckingham Palace in 2017.

Prince Charles shared: "Wishing a very happy birthday to The Duke of Sussex today!"

Though all of the messages to Harry were simple, the effort of choosing old photos that reflect his personality and individual connection to each member of the royal family shows just how much his brother, sister-in-law, grandma, and dad care about him.