The 1 Food You Should Try In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

So, you've resolved to do more cooking this year. Same, girl, same. Although this is, indeed, a resolution I've made in the past — while ordering my second Seamless of the day — this year, I am truly committed to doing it. In the name of making the process of experimenting with cooking just a little more fun, I've put together a list of recipes you should try in 2018 according to your zodiac sign because, let's be real, everything is a little better when you have guidance from astrology, amirite?

And honestly y'all, eating at home is just simply better for your overall well-being. Not only are you able to control exactly what's going into your body, but it can actually make you happier and help you feel more connected to what you consume. Studies show that people who eat at home five to six nights a week generally consume healthier ingredients and less sugar overall than those more prone to ordering takeout 24/7. I definitely feel that, seeing as how it's pretty easy to just tap "yes" on that "extra fries" option when you're ordering a sandwich on an app, and it takes a whole lot more effort to actually prepare the food yourself.

So, here's to spending more of the new year in the kitchen, and then sharing the meal of your star sign with the rest of the zodiac! Here's the recipe your sign should experiment with in 2018.

Aquarius, You Need Something Grounding
Ashy Bines on YouTube

Aquarius, you are so darn intellectual that preparing food that grounds and warms you could be just what you need to feel more nourished — anything that might get you back into your body and out of your head, know what I mean?

Try an updated take on shepherd's pie, like the one above by wellness guru Ashy Bines. After all, it's probably better than just snacking on whatever's around while you philosophize.

Capricorn, Try Something Fruity And Light
Dishin With Di on YouTube

Your wisdom and drive are such great qualities, Cap, but they can make you be a little too serious at times. Go fruity for your mornings, and try a smoothie with a little substance — like oatmeal or almond butter — to keep your energy on point throughout the day.

Remember, just because it's a smoothie doesn't mean you have to take it on the go. Pour in a glass and enjoy it with some morning reading and a cup of tea, Cap! You deserve a break with all that good work you're doing.

Pisces, How About Challenging Your Focus?
Escoffier Online on YouTube

OK, so you're super creative, Pisces, but you have a tendency to be just a little on the flighty side. No biggie, but why not buckle down and challenge yourself a bit when the time comes for a potluck dinner party?

I say get colorful with it, and make a cake with a fondant! It's definitely going to be a challenge, but the overall finished product is beautiful enough to keep your artistic spirit alive.

Cool Down That Hot Head, Aries
Food Wishes on YouTube

You are fierce and loyal and, yes, a little hot-headed at times, dear Aries. Try making yourself some chilled soups for a nice, cooling snack. Whether it's a classic gazpacho or a more unique chilled pea cucumber cashew soup with mint, your taste buds will love it, and you'll feel calm, cool, and collected in no time.

Cancer, Experiment With Some Incredible Curries
Manjula's Kitchen on YouTube

Nothing will soothe your emotions and satisfy your imagination quite like a complex curry. Plus, it can be salty and sweet, just like you, Cancer!

Do yourself a favor, and try a coconut chicken curry like this one, or a spicy veggie one like the one above from Manjula's Kitchen. It's as easy as it is colorful.

Gemini, You Can Keep Things Almost Too Simple This Year
Miss Jones Baking Co.

Gemini, your emotional intelligence can sometimes cause things to get a little confusing and all over the place. So, if you're down to try a new recipe that you can bring to a gal-pal movie night, I implore you to simply put together any one of the many delicious mixes from Miss Jones Baking Co., and have a nice ol' time making some easy, yet delicious cookies or cakes. Or, you can go just a hair further and make some special chocolate cake waffles using a Miss Jones organic chocolate cake mix.

Pop something into the oven, and let it do its thang so you have plenty of time to dissect all those cryptic texts from your BFF's latest Bumble date.

Leo, Lean Into Your Comfort Foods
Molé Mama on YouTube

A grounded and friendly Leo will love leaning into their likable nature with some well-rounded foods that actually taste like love when you eat them. Yes, you know I'm talking about trying to make your own mole sauce!

Whether it's over some chicken or your own homemade tamales, you'll be sure to impress anyone lucky enough to take a bite of your creation. And, let's be real here, you totally dig all the attention and compliments on your cooking.

Taurus, Put A Little Spring In Your Stomach
Divas Can Cook on YouTube

Ah, you are an earthy being indeed, dear Taurus. So, enjoy the fruits of Mother Nature's labors in your springtime birthday months by putting together some incredible salads.

Expand your toppings beyond dried fruit and nuts by adding extras like fennel, pickled radish, and fava bean to the mix. If you make a habit of trying out new veggies and fruits, you might even notice a boost in energy and mood to boot!

Sagittarius, You're Going To Want To Share This One
CookingWithCarolyn on YouTube

Just like you want to share everything, because that's just you, you generous Sag, you!

Whip up a good gumbo recipe that's packed with veggies and all the seafood for your Mardi Gras party this year. Don't worry, there will be plenty to go around.

It's Time To Root Yourself, Virgo
Rajshri Food on YouTube

You are an Earth sign, Virgo, so get yourself rooted by experimenting with root vegetables. Whether you make parsnip fries or just a beautiful roasted veggie salad, you won't be disappointed by something so sweet and hearty.

Libra, Keep The Crowd Happy With Something Sweet And Healthy
Pick Up Limes on YouTube

Baked goods are the way to the heart of the crowd, and as a social butterfly, that's your M.O., Libra. Try some sweet, but super healthy, balanced baked goods, like these coconut and almond meal cookies. Because balance is another one of your many gifts, my friend.

Get Your Spice On, Scorpio
CookingaRound on YouTube

Make a batch of hot chicken wings, fiery Scorpio, and it just might teach you to hold your tongue from time to time. On the other hand, it might fire you up and get you ready for one of those debates you're so good at having with people.

Enjoy, my starry friends!