A woman poses with a pillow outfit in her room.

The #QuarantinePillowChallenge Is The Coziest IG Trend You'll Want To Try

If you've been spending every day in sweatpants and scrolling on social media, you're not alone. The recent coronavirus outbreak that's spread across the globe has many of us staying home in order to stay safe and healthy. Of course, being at home can get a little boring, which is why a few challenges have made their way around social media. The latest of these challenges is the Quarantine Pillow Challenge — aka, the comfiest and chicest of them all.

If you haven't seen this challenge come up on your feed yet, here's the scoop: It requires users to take a pillow in their home and style it like a designer dress. Many users who have already submitted their pics have used a belt to create a waistline and hold the pillow up. They've also included handbags, sunglasses, glasses of wine, or bottles of lipstick to bring their #look to the next level.

When you see the pics come up on your feed, your first thought may be, "Now, that's a work-from-home outfit I can get behind," or "I want to try this!" It's honestly a really unique and creative idea, and may even be a trend that designers should consider for their upcoming collections. (OK, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. But, can you imagine if wearing a pillow to work was acceptable? Getting up in the morning would be so much easier.) Here's everything you need to know to create your own.

First things first: Find a pillow in your house that's relatively flexible and would look cute as an outfit. Maybe grab the sequined one, or a flat one from your couch that could create a geometric effect for the lens. From there, track down a belt in your closet and put together your look. Find an accessory to include in your photo like a coffee mug, headband, or a makeup palette that you've been obsessing over while social distancing.

Next, locate a spot to take your photo in your apartment. Pose on your balcony, in the window with the best natural light, or in your bed where you stole your pillow outfit from. Act as if you're Anna Wintour's latest vision, or about to be on the cover of magazine. Confidence will be key here.

Then, apply a filter to your pic and post it on Instagram with the catchy and super appropriate hashtag #QuaratinePillowChallenge. If you need some inspo before getting started, look no further than these Instagram challenge queens.

Like the push-up challenge, first pic couple's challenge, and the various Bingo-style boards that people have been posting on their feeds and in their Instagram stories, this challenge asks you to nominate your BFFs or followers in your caption. So, be sure to tag a few people before you tap the "share" button.

See how creative they get with their quarantine content, and hype them up with fire and heart eyes emojis in their comments section. Let them know you're cheering them on from a distance. Staying at home is truly the right thing to do right now, and chic, comfy challenges like this will get you through your lazy afternoons.