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The Photos Of Stormi's Mini-Lamborghini From Travis Scott Will Make You Jealous Of A Baby

Baby Stormi has been gifted a car I will never own in this life or the next, and this is hardly the first time I've been jealous of her. The second that kid was born into the Kylie Cosmetics empire I was like, "Damn. That is one lucky infant." Before she turned one year old, she knew the luxury and convenience of flying private, traveling the country on a music tour, and having custom clothing tailored to her wee little body. I'm not too proud to admit the photos of Stormi's mini-Lamborghini from Travis Scott have me feeling just a smidgen like, "Hey, wait a minute. This really isn't fair."

I'm not going to say money equals happiness. I'm just saying I'd like the opportunity to test that theory out. At 21, Jenner just became the youngest self-made billionaire ever according to Forbes magazine, even surpassing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who jumped from the millions range to the billions range at the age of 23. Obviously, this comes with perks for her baby girl. Literally, whatever Stormi wants or needs for the rest of her life is, in theory, totally taken care of. And, she doesn't even know it!

However, in the case of her mini-whip, Stormi's new wheels come courtesy of her father, Travis Scott. Scott's been busy launching his music career in neon colors and climbing the Billboard charts. Scott and his Astroworld tour have influenced a lot of the details in Stormi's first year of life including her clothing style and the design of her first birthday party, aptly titled, Stormi World.

The little Lambo is following suit. It's decked out in swirling highlighter shades and has the words "Stormi World" and "Wish you were here" graffitied along the hood, sides, and license plate (eye roll) of the car. In true Lambo fashion, the doors open up instead of out, and the whip includes all of the miniature characteristics that define her parents' larger Lambo counterparts.

The Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York posted pictures and videos of Stormi's little car as it appeared at Scott's local performance.

Did I mention it glows in the dark? It glows in the dark.

For some of us who, let's just say, don't have any car — let alone a Lamborghini — you might wonder what else makes them so special? I asked my husband who knows a thing or two about cars (and, by cars, I mean, like... Hondas) and he said this, "It's a handmade supercar that can go a couple hundred miles an hour. It's also Italian."

Big ol' shrugging emoji.

Whatever. I want one.

Jenner and Scott have their own life-size Lambos in the colors black and orange, respectively. Jenner once posted a picture of her and Scott's cars with the caption, "Mom & Dad."


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Isn't it wild that somewhere, right now, millions of dollars worth of car stuff is just chilling in Jenner's massive garage in California, and I can't even track down my metro card?

Life, man. What a wild thing.