The Photo Of BTS' Jungkook's Undercut In Hong Kong Has ARMYs Quaking In Anticipation

by Jamie LeeLo
Ken Ishii/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you told me ten years ago I'd one day be a grown-up writing about a K-pop idol's undercut for the whole internet to read, I'd tell you, "OK. THAT SOUNDS AWESOME." I'm honored to be the one to spread the good word about BTS-member Jungkook's new hairdo. He and his fellow idols have been traveling the world, taking names, and breaking hearts with their epic music, killer dance moves, and impeccable fashion. But, let us never forget their perpetual hairstyle changes. The photos of BTS' Jungkook's undercut in Hong Kong have ARMYs swooning, and even if you don't "get" the hype, you can definitely appreciate the style.

Actually, all of the BTS boys are known for switching up their hairstyles. Whether it's dying their locks an unexpected color or, in Jungkook's case, shaving the sides of his head, they always keep their fans on their toes. While some ARMYs love to read into the meaning of BTS' changing locks, I'm happy to take the more shallow approach: "Hey, Jungkook. You look awesome. I don't really care if your undercut is telling me the future story of BTS' impending comeback, or whatever. I just think you're rad."

Fans do suspect the spontaneous cut is in preparation for BTS' upcoming comeback album, Map of the Soul: Persona, but even if it's not. It looks badass AF.

Lucky fans who attended BTS' second performance in Hong Kong seemed to have the time of their lives. Based on videos shared across social media, it really looks like BTS gave a performance for the books (as always). During the incredible show, Jungkook was photographed mid-headbang. In the photos, fans can clearly see the idol's shaved undercut chilling above his ears.

Are you ready for this?

Lord, help us.

Here's a video if you prefer to see this kind of glory in motion:

In fact, Jungjook wasn't the only one who sneak attacked us with the fierce look. Heartthrob Jimin also rocked an undercut along the edges of his new cotton candy pink 'do.

It has me wondering... what are the rest of the boys hiding underneath those gorgeous heads of theirs?

Here are just a few of ARMYs' reactions on Twitter:

You guys get the picture.

Right now, it's safe to assume that any move the guys make is in preparation for their comeback. According to South China Morning Post, Map of the Soul: Persona already has 2.6 million pre-orders. That number was achieved in just 11 days of pre-sale. The official album drops on April 12, which was confirmed in a press release sent to Elite Daily. The statement read:

Map Of The Soul: Persona marks the beginning of a new chapter, eight months after the release of Love Yourself: Answer’ – the final in the band's storied Love Yourself series... The album is scheduled for release globally on April 12, with pre-orders opening tomorrow. The band will also play two sold out Wembley Stadium shows this June 1st and 2nd.

Go get your hair done now, ARMYs. It's officially go-time.