BTS' 'Map Of The Soul' Album Title Has A Deeper Meaning That Could Tease More Albums

by Jamie LeeLo
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Keep your arms and legs inside the internet, because this is about to get bumpy. BTS is dropping a new album called Map Of The Soul: Persona, and as with all of their album titles, it's deep with meaning. Of course, fans are wondering: What does Map Of The Soul: Persona mean? Naturally, the answer is complicated! I wish I could just tell you it's deep and meaningful and up for interpretation and leave it at that, but let's be real — you know I've been furiously Googling the answer, too.

Here is what I've learned: There is a man named Carl Jung who lived way back in the day with Freud. Yup, as in Sigmund. The two were pals and loved to talk over all things psychoanalytical, including topics like the ID, the ego, why everyone is so weird about sex stuff, yadda yadda. Today, there is a book called Jung's Map of the Soul: An Introduction by Murray Stein which surrounds Carl Jung's psychological theory suggesting there are a set number of pieces that make up the human psyche. The book is, at the time of publication, the top-selling book in the psychoanalytical genre on Amazon for obvious reasons.

According to Simply Psychology, the three main pieces are the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious.

Beyond that, Jung reportedly broke the psyche down further into archetypes. Apparently, he paid special attention to four main archetypes that he identified as: the self, the anima/animus, the shadow, and yes... the persona.

OK, everybody still with me?

Simply Psychology explained the persona like this:

The “persona” (or mask) is the outward face we present to the world. It conceals our real self and Jung describes it as the “conformity” archetype. This is the public face or role a person presents to others as someone different to who we really are (like an actor).

To put it in millennial terms, it's the version of yourself you probably wear to work and post on social media about, not the version of yourself that binge watches reality TV in your underwear while calling your dog your boyfriend.

I mean, wait, what? Where am I?

Anyway, I think you guys get it. Jung is also credited with identifying two of the most easily identifiable personality types: introverts and extroverts.

So, it's safe to assume this is the kind of thematic avenue BTS will be taking with the new album. Not for nothing, it seems to be extremely relevant when we're talking about K-pop and celebrity in general. Being a celebrity with millions of eyes on you at all times is extremely taxing for an individual, but fans also know the K-pop industry is particularly regulated in terms of the image Idols put out in the world, so I'm sure the boys grapple with this concept all the time. And if any Idols are up to the task of addressing it all with depth and sincerity, it's BTS.

ARMYs will surely get a more concrete explanation of the concept from BTS themselves soon, whether it's by way of social media, an interview, or in the music itself.

ARMYs are also going to be looking out for clues about the next wave of music BTS is going to launch, considering hiding little Easter eggs in their work is kind of their specialty.

For example, can we count on Map of the Soul being a series like Love Yourself was? After all, the Persona is just one of four of Jung's archetypes that theoretically make up the human psyche. Let's just say, my gut is telling me we can expect more albums from this concept.

No matter what, I can tell you one thing: people are going to love Map Of The Soul: Persona, whether they "get it" or not.