ARMY Twitter Is Bursting With Excitement Over BTS' 'Map Of The Soul: Persona' Album News

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

ARMY, you may as well just wave goodbye to the days where you could comfortably scroll through Twitter without worrying about being ATTACKED by a brand new BTS announcement that's sure to send you into a tailspin of emotion. BTS fans knew that BTS had another album coming sooner than later, but I don't think anyone was prepared for BTS to announce on March 11 that the album was coming sooner than anyone expected. BTS ARMYs' tweets about BTS' 'Map Of The Soul: Persona' album news shows just how excited fans are for BTS' next comeback!

In a press release sent to Elite Daily, BTS announced the release of their highly anticipated follow-up to the Love Yourself series, announcing that their new album, Map of the Soul: Persona, would hit fans' eardrums on April 12, with pre-order becoming available on March 12 for U.S. fans (that's March 13 for Korean fans).

It goes without saying that ARMYs were not prepared for the announcement — even though they knew, without a doubt, that it was coming. Just take a look at the tweets! Fans are absolutely freaking out.

But beyond the fact that BTS is dropping a new album in one month (I repeat: one month), fans were even more blown away by the fact that it looks like BTS has been planning their Map of the Soul era for ages.

Fans couldn't help but point out that BTS seemed to hint at the concept during the MAMAs in December of 2018.

And Jin rocked a shirt with "persona" scrawled across it during "DNA" era.

ARMY are already theorizing that fans will get multiple albums out of this era, too, since Persona is just one part of Carl Gustav Jung's Map of the Soul theory.

The past few weeks have been a bit of a marathon for dedicated BTS fans, since it seems like not a day goes by when the boys don't release a new video, a new track, or a new announcement.

For example, yesterday, 10,000 K-ARMYs gathered in front of Seoul City Hall for BTS' "Run ARMY in Action" event. Fans came together in real life for the ARMYPEDIA event to watch memorable concert footage and play quizzes filled with questions about the boys.

Just the idea of 10,000 ARMYs gathering in one place sounds mind-blowing, but just wait until you see the pictures from the event. The sight of so many ARMYs holding up their BTS signs will fill you with so much pride (and just a hint of jealousy wishing that you could have been there, since Jimin called all the fans there "cute").

With so much BTS news coming out every day, it was a given that this album news was coming. And now that it's here, BTS ARMY will be running at full speed trying to keep up with the boys over the next month — and enjoying every minute of it.