The Personality Red Flag You'll Never Be Able To Hide, According To Your Zodiac Sign

I know I wear my zodiac sign like a badge of honor, proud to represent Geminis everywhere, both near and far. We're funny, witty, charming, and one heck of a good time. It's always shocking to me why anyone wouldn't love us to bits. Then I remember, "Oh... that's right. We can truly be someone's worst nightmare." As much as it pains me to admit, Gemini's are also far from perfect. This goes for very single one of the signs. There are the fantastic, almost supernaturally awesome qualities each one has and then, there are the qualities that are shamefully awful, downright unbearable, closing in on full-blown evil. Try as we might, we can't ignore them, which is why the biggest personality red flag you can't hide, according on your zodiac sign is such an important thing for us to talk about. Let's try to be aware of ourselves, people!

Now, just because each sign has its negative qualities doesn't mean you shouldn't show pride in those as well. There are flaws in everything and sometimes, being aware of your insufferable characteristics is a strength, in and of itself. Also, it's important that we laugh these things off. Read on to find out what exactly makes your sign so annoying:


What is it with you and your consistent need to win at everything, 100 percent of the time? Sometimes, you're so domineering, it can suck all the fun out of hanging out with you. I know you're a bit overzealous and you can get carried away but come on, everyone already knows how good at things you are. You don't need to constantly prove it.


Goodness gracious, Taurus, you are so stubborn. You'd let yourself sink in a pit of quicksand if you were the one who made the decision to walk through it, just to make a point. You've got to loosen up a bit sometimes. Embracing change isn't a sign of weakness and believe it or not, sometimes people actually have a point. You could learn something by hearing them out.


Sometimes, people are playthings to you, Gemini. You flirt with everyone, you charm everyone, and you make lavish promises you can't keep. Gemini, life is not a playground you can waltz through without consequence. People have feelings and sometimes, you need to hold back. You know you can't give your all to everybody, so stop pretending you can.


Your moodiness, to put it bluntly, can be such a drag. One minute things are totally fine and dandy with you, and then the next, you're a dark storm of misery and everyone has to stop what they're doing and cater to you. Chill out, Cancer! You're take everything so personally when you don't need to. Try to look on the bright side a little more often.


You know Leo, if the spotlight isn't on you for one minute, the world won't come to an end. Crazy, right? Indeed, you can be pretty self-centered. I know things just feel more exhilarating when you're on stage but sometimes, you prevent others from having their time to shine as well. There are times you need to take a breather and give us all a rest from your glory.


Your friends and family waste a ton of energy constantly reassuring you that everything is alright, Virgo. With how much you worry over the smallest details, they're all petrified of how you'll react the day something genuinely bad happens. Your perfectionism can be a pain in the ass sometimes, and tiny mistakes aren't always as big a deal as you make them out to be.


You overdose on luxury and pleasure all too often, Libra. Sometimes you need to learn when to cut back, especially when your extravagance start entering hedonist territory. People are relying on you, Libra, and your self-indulgence can come at a disadvantage to others. Pay attention! There's a time and a place for a little R&R, but you need to learn the difference.


Just because you're an expert at it doesn't mean you should be so manipulative, Scorpio. I know you can play people like a fiddle but that doesn't mean people won't start to notice that sometimes, you take advantage of their vulnerabilities. Not everything has to be some dramatic mind game, you know. People would much rather you have an honest and direct conversation with them instead.


You can be really shallow sometimes, Sagittarius, and it shows. I know want life to be a never-ending adventure but the way you constantly tread the surface of everything without commitment gets old. There are more important things than superficial indicators of happiness and success and people wish you wouldn't get bored so easily. It makes them feel like nothing is truly that important to you.


You're cool, cunning, and ambitious, which causes you to lock away your true feelings and throw away the key. Sometimes people need you to be real, Capricorn. Your detachment is often mistaken for being cold-hearted and when your friends and family need you to be emotionally available for them, they're often hurt by your apathy.


I know you abhor all things mainstream, Aquarius, but sometimes your incessant need to be cutting edge is seriously pretentious. Yeah, yeah, we know you're the most unique person in the room, but you don't realize how snobby you sound when you're bragging about how the only genres of music you listen to are complextro and neurofunk. Can't you at least admit you love Beyoncé?


Hello, Pisces, are you there? I know daydreaming is your favorite pastime but sometimes, you need to be more present. I mean, someone will be telling you a very long story and suddenly, you'll get that dazed look in your eye that indicates you've stopped paying attention and you're head is somewhere else entirely. Your fantasies are probably way more interesting, I know, but get a grip.