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Here's How To Make The Most Out Of The Worst Part Of Every Zodiac Sign

by Emily Anne

In astrology, there are 12 different zodiac signs. We may already know the general traits and ideas associated with them, but each of these signs can also express itself differently depending on an individual's mood or outlook. In layman’s terms, each zodiac sign would have “the bad side” versus “the good side.” We know nearly all things follow this binary in some manner, but astrologers choose a more nuanced approach when describing this duality, as they understand "good" and "bad" are loaded terms. These astrologers examine different signs by whether they're low-vibrational versus high-vibrational or low-functioning versus high-functioning.

Those who enjoy astrology are probably aware of their signs' basic attributes, good and bad. Taurus is lazy, Cancer is moody, etc. But how are the good and the bad connected? You can't always operate at your best, but you can work to use these negative traits and apply them to positive ends. Here’s how can you make the most of your sign’s low-vibrational energy.


The worst part of Aries is their childishness. They can be prone to immaturity and outbursts, but this stems from their innocence and inexperience dealing with things in an “appropriate” way.

Aries’ nature is refreshing and energizing, since they experience the world with open eyes and an open heart. Make the most of this energy by listening to your inner child and what hurts or helps. Some people can barely remember what they were like as a kid, and Aries has the unique ability to remain in touch with that innocent, pure place in their heart.

Listen to that instinctual voice that’s in-tune with your unspoken needs, and help other underdogs.


The worst part of Taurus is their stubbornness. Taurus is a sign dedicated to security and their way of life; they don't like when people try to shake that up. Taurus will hold on to things, physical or emotional, because they're too afraid of the change that will occur if they let it go.

This careful nature of Taurus is the reason for their hardheadedness, but it also makes them dependable and loyal.

Make the best of this strength by making sure whatever you're attached to — whether it be a habit, a job, a partner, a cause — is actively serving you. What are you getting by digging yourself in? Is this really what you want? Don't just limit yourself to your comfort zone.


The worst part of Gemini is their flightiness. In moments of conflict or negativity, their first instinct is to run away and find a chiller environment. Geminis are fond of stirring up trouble and disrupting others, but if someone confronts them on that, Gemini will dodge, duck, dive, and run from accountability.

Make the most of this restlessness by elevating the quality of your thoughts and activities. Don't use your mental agility to gossip or ramble about pointless things, use your energy to explore new places, read new books, or learn new things.

Your mischievousness and curiosity can be used for fun and personal growth without hurting others.


The worst part of Cancer is their fragile nature. It can feel like they get shaken or hurt by the slightest change or touch. Their ruler, the moon, definitely influences this sensitivity. Like the tides, Cancer’s mood is up one moment and down the next.

But being sensitive is also Cancer's strong suit, and listening to their intuition is how they make the best of it. Cancer cannot ignore the moods that come over them; they have to ride each one out like a storm.

Follow your gut instinct, because other less-receptive people rely on your emotional compass. Cancers have a sharp mind that often gets overlooked, but that amazing mind comes from their almost psychic heart.


The worst part of Leo is their pride. They are very in-tune with their ego and the role they play. Leos view the world as a stage and they are the stars; everything else revolves around them. When something goes awry “on stage,” Leos will feel intense shame or anger, lashing out from a place of ego and pride. Once Leos realize they aren't the only star in the sky, they have to find what makes them special while respecting other people’s spotlight as well.

Some people will be better than you, some people are equally talented, and some people just shine bright — that doesn’t take away from your shine. But don’t worry, most Leos are talented and memorable.

Take your unique shine and share it, without abandon, with the world. Then, you will inspire others to step into their own light.


The worst part of Virgo is their over-thinking. Virgos will get so wrapped up in hypothetical situations, details, regrets, and catastrophic thinking that they become useless. The stress and anxious thinking paralyzes them and blurs their usually logical mind. This is a shame, because Virgos have a keen eye for the nitty-gritty and a mind that can solve almost any problem.

Make the most of this by finding projects that actually require large amounts of dissecting and analysis. The world needs Virgos’ talents, and you should assert your skills without feeling self-conscious.

Try to keep your mind off areas of your life you cannot control (the past, what could have been, the future). Direct your laser focus to one thing at a time, and keep your thoughts positive.


The worst part of Libra is their inability to pick a side. Libras naturally want peace and harmony and hate fighting. This is why they often get labeled “fake,” because they want everyone to be their friend and don’t want to make outright enemies. Libras will see every side to a story and want to find a happy medium. Well, Libra, not everything can be mitigated.

Make the most of your social moderateness and grace by going after justice. Being ruled by the scales, Libra is always trying to achieve fairness. The scales never stop shifting, so Libra must always work toward leveling them.

Do this by being honest, transparent, and steadfast in your pursuit of bettering the world. Chasing equality and causes you wholeheartedly believe in will bring you joy.


The worst part of Scorpio is their obsession. Scorpios will latch on to an idea, a person, or a relationship, and devote large amounts of energy to it. The trouble comes when Scorpio is attached to something that isn’t theirs, or the energy they are putting toward something is inappropriate (e.g. stalking your ex!).

Scorpio, your intensity is admirable. Other people do not realize the commitment and drive your soul possesses. Make the most of your intensity by finding something or someone that deserves your loving attention.

You don’t want to hear this, but sometimes, that person is you. Be obsessed with yourself for a change. Scorpio's passion needs some reciprocity, so seek something that will helps you grow into a healthier, happier you.


The worst part of Sagittarius is their inability to choose a path. Sagittarians are a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. They love variety and adventures, and because of this they spread themselves thin. This is why Sagittarians get the reputation of being players, unreliable, and flaky. They don’t want to stick to one path because... what about the other paths? What if they were more fun? What if I made the wrong choice?

Sag needs to realize that there is no “wrong” choice; your life will unfold a certain way no matter what. Make the most of your indecisiveness by experimenting with what works for you, then stick to one.

You will always have memories of your adventures and the lessons you learned will serve you well. Sometimes you just need to stay on one path for longer than a week.


The worst part of Capricorn is their hard exterior. Capricorns are private, perfectionistic, and critical; they wall themselves off from distractions and other people. Capricorns feel that everything is on their shoulders; they don’t want to ask for help when they need it because they see it as a failure on their part.

This same prideful stoicism is also their strength; they keep a cool head and take on any difficult task with skill. Make the most of your stoicism by reaching out to someone, anyone trusted when you need it. You may think people view you as indestructible, and some do, but we are all human.

Capricorn’s leadership and responsibility are both inspiring, and other people admire you for your hard work. But let others relieve you sometimes; you are not a robot, soldier, or worker bee. You're a human first.


The worst part of Aquarius is isolating and detaching themselves from others, even close friends. This manifests in god-complexes, pretentiousness, or just keeping their heart on ice. Aquarians think their issues are unique and no one else will understand, but they're wrong.

Aquarius needs to share their visions with the world, and their airy detachedness can allow them to see every perspective. You are in-tune with the world and people’s needs, this is why Aquarius is considered the humanitarian sign.

Make the most of this unique point of view by using it to understand and help others. You should know by now that you cannot go it alone all the time, and you will achieve great things by sharing your beautiful mind with the group.


The worst part about Pisces is their victim mentality. It seems as though nothing is ever Pisces' fault: things just happen to them and they have no control over it. This complex stems from their passivity, which is also what contributes to their sensitive, receptive nature. What they lack in proactiveness, they make up for in creativity and empathy.

Make the most out this passivity by using your soft heart for good. Being a victim is tempting, especially when Pisces seem to feel everything 15 times more intensely than other signs, but that (wrongly) shifts responsibility. It takes a bigger person to acknowledge their shortcomings and actively work to be a better human.

Once they transcend their ego, Pisces psychic soul can heal and find peace in themselves and others.

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