Next Week's 'The Perfectionists' Promo Is Packed With Nerve-Racking Reveals


This week's episode of The Perfectionists ended on a cliffhanger definitely worthy of a Pretty Little Liars twist. While Alison was trapped in a secluded trailer that turned out to be Taylor Hotchkiss' home, Mona faced the unsettling janitor who has something in common with Alison and Caitlin. With so many stories up in the air, the Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 5 promo is packed with nerve-racking reveals suggesting that no one is safe anymore.

After signing her divorce papers in April 10's "The Ghost Sonata," Alison (Sasha Pieterse) delved into an investigation of the maps Taylor Hotchkiss (Hayley Erin) edited in one of her Land of Oz books. The details led Alison to a trailer in the woods, where she found another book from the Oz series, a dripping can of red paint, and — surprise! — a presumably dead Taylor alive and well. Hinting that Taylor either didn't want Nolan (Chris Mason) to trust Alison or believes she's his killer, the younger woman ran out of the trailer and locked Alison inside.

Meanwhile, Caitlin (Sydney Park) confessed to Ava (Sofia Carson) that she unintentionally spread the latter's family secret, having realized that her ex Mason (Noah Gray-Cabey) was on her tail. Mona (Janel Parrish) also tracked down the identity of Ray Hogadorn, the third name on her search system's list of people at BHU with a common link, although she was unsure what those qualities were. Viewers also learned that Dylan (Eli Brown) is suffering from a pinched nerve and continuing to play the cello despite doctors' warnings to take a break.

The promo for April 17's "The Patchwork Girl" manages to cover all of these storylines, so get ready for an action-packed episode.

Firstly, the clip suggests that Alison escapes Taylor's trailer, as she's seen listening to Mona say that Beacon Heights might just be as eerie and dangerous as Pretty Little Liars' Rosewood was. Mona's conversation with the janitor Ray, who had news clips about the Hotchkiss family hanging in his office, is also teased. While Ava struggles with her sketching and Dylan starts to feel the effects of his pinched nerve, Caitlin is worried about the group soon breaking laws. As Taylor confronts Alison in the trailer, Caitlin discovers Mason's body lying on the ground, and head of security Dana Booker (Klea Scott) warns Ava that she can "play the games however [she] wants."

The promo also included shots of Ava's money bag, someone seemingly drugging a glass of liquid, and two cars nearly colliding with each other. Freeform's synopsis for the tense-looking episode reads:

Mona communicates with a mysterious stranger who promises insights into Nolan’s murder. Dylan struggles to concentrate on an important audition while being distracted by Dana Booker’s investigation. And the Perfectionists' plan to clear their names ends in tragedy.

Could this talk of a tragedy mean that Mason lying on the floor isn't just a gratuitous tease? So far fans haven't had to start a body count of lost characters on The Perfectionists, but it's clear that the threats facing the students, Alison, and Mona are potentially life-altering. We'll have to wait and see if the Perfectionists have another funeral in their near future.

Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists continues on Wednesday, April 17, at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.