The Perfect Fourth Of July Outfit For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you ready for the stars and stripes? June is already halfway over, and I'm honestly shocked. This year is truly flying by, and before you know it, you'll be sitting under fireworks with your besties and making s'mores down by the beach. If you're working all summer, you're living for the weekends and those Fourth of July pool parties that are right around the corner. This is your time to shine and soak up as much sun as possible. All you need is the perfect Fourth of July outfit, which lucky for you, has been picked out already purely based on your zodiac sign.

What would we do without the universe on our side? Seriously, the cosmos have been there when it comes to your relationships, and brought some pretty rad friends into your life, as well. Those besties are the ones who will make this summer so memorable, and you couldn't imagine diving headfirst into all of these amazing adventures any other way. They'll be the best travel buddies for when you're finally taking a trip abroad, and the ones you'll hang with under the starry night sky during weekend camping trips.

Yes, this time of the year always proves to be one of the most fun between the hiking and all of the roasted marshmallows, which is likely why it's my favorite. But, planning your Fourth of July outfit can be problematic. So, let's get that out of the way, OK?


Wild Hearts Royal Blue Off-The-Shoulder Dress


Aries, you're always ready to make a statement. Your closet is full of unique pieces that are trendy, but also comfortable. After all, you can't chase your dreams in a pair of heels all the time — that just wouldn't be practical. But, you do always manage to lead the crowd when it comes to fashion, and well, just about everything else, too. This off-the-shoulder dress will be perfect for the Fourth of July, because it mixes those same elements once again. Summertime calls for your fire sign, so start planning that beach bonfire ASAP.


Plus-Size Tassel-Tie Cutwork Top

Old Navy

Fashion is your forte, Taurus. In fact, you spend most of your time daydreaming about expensive designer clothes that you hope to own one day. You'd love to walk the streets of the city in the latest collections, and maybe even sit front row during Fashion Week. For now, you'll have to stick to rocking your own runway on the Fourth of July. This top has some cute, delicate details that will make it a little more than casual for your star sign. Pair it with white jeans and maybe some gold accessories, and you'll be good to go.


UO Straight-Neck Linen Button-Down Jumpsuit

Urban Outfitters

You've always got a lot going on, Gemini. It's just your nature to be running from one social engagement to the next. You strike up conversations with new friends as you go, and always seem to fit in no matter what the crowd may be. People tend to think that Leos are the most social amongst the zodiac sign, but you give those lions some serious competition. On the Fourth of July, you'll likely be party hopping. So, you need an outfit that's rather versatile. A jumpsuit will be comfortable, easy, and totally cute — especially, if it's gingham.


UO Fantasy Notch Halter Tank Top

Urban Outfitters

Being a Cancer means that you're super sweet, and just a tad bit emotional at all times. Although you may hate how easily you cry over cute puppy videos, your friends truly love your sentimental side and those heart-to-hearts that come around every once in a while. For the Fourth of July, the universe decided you need a piece that shows off your personality just so. This halter top, when put together with shorts and maybe some loose curls, will be exactly what you're looking for. Halter tops are such a classic, and in the summertime, they're practical for layering with a bathing suit. Pool party, anyone?


Serena Red Bell Sleeve Romper


You like to be bold, Leo. So, on the Fourth of July, you're going to be one of those girls rocking as much color as possible. Those bright pops of red or even large stripes don't bug you one bit. Actually, a lot of your closet is already filled with just that. This romper from Tobi will be comfortable for when you're popping back and forth between different friend groups, and will probably make you the best dressed at the party. Sounds sweet, huh? You're a summer baby, and you'll truly never shy away from the spotlight or a day in the sun.


Project Social T Football Tee

Urban Outfitters

You're pretty down-to-earth, Virgo. The times in life when you truly get most worked up are when you're in the midst of a crazy week at work, and likely staying overtime. They always can count on you to put in the long hours, and part of you really loves getting into those big projects. But the Fourth of July is all about getting some rest and relaxation with your besties. So, for once, please put down the planner and swap out that business attire for something casual and fun. You can really never go wrong with a patriotic tee, and this one will have you feeling festive with your friends.


Zoey White Stripe Knot Skater Dress


Each year you tend to go for a light sundresses or a casual pair of shorts with a patriotic top. It's just not your style to be in the spotlight. But this summer, you've decided you want to find something a little more fun and flirty. This skater dress from Tobi will be effortlessly chic, and will even layer quite well with a jean jacket for when it gets chilly during the fireworks. All of your friends will be wondering where you got it.


UO Amber Button-Down Linen Midi Dress

Urban Outfitters

Word on the street is that Scorpios can truly make the best memories. You live for those lifelong friendships and any opportunity to take a polaroid picture with your people. You'll likely be the one making the plans for you and your crew on this Fourth of July, to ensure that it's an event to remember. One day, a little down the road, you'll be looking through your camera roll and reminiscing about all of the funny things that happened with your friends on a rather sunny day in July. To make that picture truly perfect, you'll need a stellar outfit — and this stylish midi dress was picked for you by the stars.


Smocked-Neck Embroidered-Hem Plus-Size Shift Dress

Old Navy

You've been a lot of places in this world, but the Fourth of July is all about America, Sagittarius! Most years, you're probably not even around for the holiday. You've been soaking up the sun in tropical destinations or setting your sights on Europe. So, if you're actually home this time around, you may be quite new to some of the celebrations. When it comes to your outfit choice, you can't go wrong with a little bit of denim on this day. This dress from Old Navy will be simple, but just enough to have you feeling festive among your friends.


John Galt USA T-Shirt


Your friends define you as "classic," Capricorn. You're the girl who's probably cueing up a playlist for the party full of those '90s throwback jams, and maybe even some songs by The Beatles. On any given day, people can catch you listening to vintage records or just doing some thrift shopping. (You're truly amazing at finding the best deals.) So, Fourth of July will be no exception to your usual style. A tee that sports the American flag or just straight up says, "USA," will be the right fit for you. You could wear it with a pair of overalls or even some fun pants. But the shirt will stay timeless from year to year.


No Pressure Light Blue Strapless Crop Top


You're all about being an original, Aquarius. When it comes to your Fourth of July outfit, you want your personality to show once again. So, a crop top that has a bit of flair will be just right. Out of all of your crew, you're always the one to try the new trends. You bought a pair of dad sneakers before they were cool, and shop at boutiques others don't even know about. Put this top with a cute pair of high-waisted white shorts, or finish off the entire set. You're going to look so stylish as always, among the stars and stripes.


Fast Times Red Striped Scoopback One-Piece Swimsuit


Pisces, you're going to be hitting up a pool for the Fourth of July. There's just no doubt about it. You love being around water and feel the most relaxed when you're swimming or just hanging out by the sea. On any given day, you just want to hang with your besties and then maybe have a chill movie night. So, slip on this cute striped one-piece bathing suit, and pack a cooler of snacks. Fourth of July is all about living your best life, and showing off your style — and the universe wouldn't pick anything for you that wasn't perfect for fun in the sun.