This Month's New Moon Will Help You Harness Your Power & Forgive The Darkness

A new moon is just around the corner and it already feels like my favorite time of the month. Why is it my favorite, you may be wondering? Well, a new moon is the most optimistic part of the lunar cycle. After the overwhelming emotional build up of the full moon, we undergo a period of steady release until we reach the moment of peace that is a new moon. This is when your spiritual slate is wiped clean, and you can let go of the past and embark on a new beginning by setting a beautiful intention. All eyes are brightened by the hope that lies on the horizon. However, the November 2018 new moon is no ordinary new moon, and when it takes place on Nov. 7, you'll know exactly what I mean.

This new moon sits in what could be the most misunderstood zodiac sign in all of astrology: Scorpio. Representing all the extremes of the human psyche, Scorpio is never afraid of digging deep and embracing raw power. In fact, power is at the core of everything Scorpio desires. Real power: nothing watered down or edited for comfort. While many of us flinch at the sight of true, uninhibited power, Scorpio thrives off of it. Deadly, intense, and intuitive, Scorpio wants you to drop your barriers, quit resisting your authenticity, and tap into your fullest potential. Now that's what I call a new beginning.

Forgive Yourself For Your Darkness

Let's face it: We all have darkness. It can take the form of bad memories you shove into a closet. It can reveal itself as lifelong insecurities that you're too ashamed to admit. Like or not, there's an underbelly to human existence. Even though we all know life is full of darkness, we work so hard to flaunt a veneer of perfection so that no one ever sees it.

Scorpio finds the idea of shunning darkness downright foolish. Why do we work so hard to deny all the pain that we've survived? Why do we see our shadows as weaknesses? Scorpio understands that the deepest power is rooted in your shadow. True strength never grew in an environment without strife. If you've got shadows, it also means you've got grit. It means you can overcome anything.

On this new moon in Scorpio, spend time forgiving yourself for everything you wish you could go back in time and change. Forgive yourself for all the pain. Understand that it's only made you stronger.

Unleash The Smoldering Power You've Been Hiding

On the other end of the spectrum is your beauty, your talent, and the unique way that you shine. Oddly enough, we also spend a lot of time downplaying our awesomeness. Whether we don't want to seem conceited, we don't want to call too much attention to it, or we simply don't believe in it, we often avoid our light just as much as our darkness.

Scorpio doesn't linger in the middle, where power is inactive and colors are neutral. Instead, it exists in the extremes, where energy is bursting beneath a surface just waiting to crack. This is how Scorpio gets its reputation for being so transformative. Swaying from darkness to light, this zodiac sign is a phoenix that never stops rising.

Because the new moon will also form a sextile with transformative Pluto, this lunation is basically begging you to embrace a deep and profound change that starts from within. Honor your darkness, recognize your light, and embark on this new journey knowing just how powerful and multi-faceted you really are.

Settle For Nothing Less Than Your Ultimate Desire

When a new moon takes place, the best way to celebrate the spiritual shift is by releasing what no longer serves you and setting a new intention to guide the energy of this new beginning. Now, Scorpio wants you to take this task seriously. Don't hold back with your intention. Set the intention that means everything.

What do you want? I mean, what do you really want? At the core of all your wants, needs, and goals, there's often one thing fueling all your desires. If you can uncover what that is, your entire life will fall into place. On this new moon, be honest with yourself. Go after your heart's desires.