The Non-Clichéd Bucket List Every Beach Bum Should Accomplish For The Best Summer Yet

I don't know about you, but summer always comes with a sense of urgency for me. I feel the need to accomplish every single thing on my bucket list before the season ends. I mean, who doesn't want to take advantage of the beautiful weather and sunshine? It's the perfect season for every beach babe who just wants to spend her days by the shore. Though, going to the beach doesn't have to be everything you do this summer. In fact, there is a non-clichéd bucket list every beach bum should accomplish over the next couple of months.

From happy hour drinks at a sand bar to checking off some summer reading while laying out on the sand, this is your time to shine, beach goddess. You live for the summer, so make waves by setting up goals to have it be the best one yet. You already have plans to head to the beach whenever possible, so this list will just help you vary up your summer plans with things you might not have thought of before.

Not only does a bucket list give you something to look forward to, but this list of 10 beach-esque things to do is totally catered to your vibes. As you check off each item on the list, you're ensuring that this summer, you're truly seas-ing the day.

Sail On A Booze Cruise With Your Squad

I'll happily admit I love cruises. There's just something about being on a boat with all of your best buds, and sippin' on something sweet. Get your squad together for a booze cruise this summer, if you're 21 or older. Dress up in your favorite sundresses, or go with a nautical theme. Just make sure you have someone snap the perfect #squadgoals pic for you to post on the 'Gram later.

Check Off Two Beach Reads On Your Summer Reading List

When you have plans to spend almost every second you can at the beach, you'll want to bring along a book or two to read. Create your very own summer reading list filled with every juicy rom-com that takes place on the shore. Make it a goal to get through at least two this season.

Try To Catch Some Serious Waves

If you've never learned to surf, this is your summer to do it! Sign up for some surf lessons with your BFF, and make sure to get a pic or two of you riding a wave. Caption your surfing pics with, "Catch you on the next wave."

Visit A New Beach Bar For Happy Hour Drinks On Friday

If you're bummed that you'll be spending a lot of your summer days in a cubicle, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy those beachy vibes when the work day is done. On Friday, get a crew together to visit a beach bar for happy hour drinks. It may even be a fun tiki bar with drinks that come in cool glasses, so you know you'll need to snag a pic or two of you sippin' for the 'Gram.

Recruit Your Friends For A Beach Bonfire
Daxiao Productions/Stocksy

We all know how fun the beach is during the day, but at night, it turns into a dreamy paradise under the stars. Get your friends together to experience this by organizing a beach bonfire party. Don't forget the marshmallows for the s'mores and the perfect playlist so you can dance around in the moonlight.

Get Tatted With A Subtle Ocean-Inspired Design
Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

If you've been dying to get some ink, you should really go for it. Get a subtle ocean-inspired tattoo like an anchor or a starfish. It's really up to you, and there are plenty of cool ocean tattoo ideas out there to choose from. (Before you make your decision, be sure to consult your tattoo artist for proper care instructions, and how long you should wait to go in the ocean and pool with your new tattoo.)

Create The Ultimate Summer Playlist For Every Beach Day

Music in the summer is all about carefree vibes. It's why the song of the summer is always a fun one you want to sway to. Create the perfect summer playlist with a bunch of beachy tunes that you'll want to listen to every single day spent on the sand. Don't forget to include classics like "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison, "Party in the U.S.A" by Miley Cyrus, and "California Girls" by Katy Perry.

Take Some Jumping Boomerangs With Your Besties On The Beach
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

You definitely want to show off your new swimsuit by taking some fab pics on the beach, so turn that into a fun photoshoot with your friends. Get some cute shots of your crew all together with the waves crashing in the background. You also need to get an action shot of your crew jumping for joy that it's finally summer, and caption it with, "Girls just wanna have sun."

Plan A Picnic To Watch The Sunrise (Or Sunset)
Leander Nardin/Stocksy

Plan out a picnic to watch the sunrise (or sunset) over the water. Bring along your camera, because you do not want to miss taking a pic of the beautiful colors that will stretch across the sky. This could be a cute and romantic date for you and bae to check off the list together.

Redecorate Your Room To Fit Your Nautical Vibes
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Every once in awhile, we need a little change, so use the summer as an excuse to redecorate your room. Channel your beach babe vibes when shopping to find things that fit into the nautical theme you're feeling, like an indoor hammock. If you're on a tight budget, DIY a few new nautical decor additions for your bedroom.