7 Ocean Tattoo Ideas That Are Anything But A Subtle Wave

Excuse me, but I believe I hear a ringing. It sounds like the waves of the ocean, because just like Moana, the sea is calling you. It's the ocean, after all, and I fully understand why the salty air is drawing you in. Not only is it so tempting to jump into the waves, but relaxing on the sand with the warm sunshine beating down on you is too good to pass up. Unfortunately, we can't always be chilling at the beach, so you'll need some ocean tattoo ideas to carry the sea with you, no matter where you are in the world.

Your passion for the ocean doesn't just have to be with how you spend your spare time, or where you plan your next vacay. You can also show off your love with some ocean-inspired ink that's not just a subtle wave on your arm. There's so much to explore in the ocean, and so much we haven't even discovered yet, so the possibilities for a tattoo are endless.

However, if you are looking for a little help coming up with what to get, here are seven ocean tattoos ideas to dive into. You will definitely want to sea some ocean ink on yourself.

Oh Ship, This Anchor Tat Is Super Cute
babydollcake on Twitter

An anchor tattoo will not only remind you of the sea, but it can have a lot of meaning for what brings you stability in your life. Get an anchor tatted on your wrist to represent your friends and family who give you so much strength. You'll be reminded of them every time you look down.

This Seashell Tattoo Is Very Spe-Shell
larsd4 on Twitter

I remember going to the beach and collecting seashells as a kid. They were all different shapes and sizes, and they're all so unique. Get a tattoo of a seashell that's special to you. Design your own special shape, and get it in your favorite color.

Stop Horsin' Around, And Get Your Very Own Seahorse
sylliebot on Twitter

If you're looking for an ocean animal to tattoo, you really can't go wrong with a seahorse. I love how gentle and subtle watercolor-style tats are with blocks of bright color. If you're looking for a tat for you and bae, consider getting two seahorses kissing.

Dolphin Tattoos Are Fin-Tastic
ciaracamblin on Twitter

Dolphins are a flipping good idea for some new ink. If you and your bestie are looking for ocean-inspired tattoo ideas to get together, something like the above design is so perfect. You will dolphinately love your ink.

This Baby Sea Turtle Is Turtley Cute
kitkatlol8 on Twitter

I mean, just look at this turtle tat. It is totally adorbs. There's no denying that baby turtles are just too cute for words, and a great choice for a tattoo. A realistic turtle, like this one, will make you feel like you're always carrying around a real sea turtle, even if you're far away from the surf and sand.

If You Decide To Get A Wave, Make It Grand
kellykhamp on Twitter

Wave tattoos can be simple and subtle, but if you want something a bit more elaborate, consider a special design like this. Get more than a simple line tat by adding the sun, or go for something inspired by art. Even a design within a different shape, like this bird, is like two tats in one.

Get A Tat You Whale Always Love
hypmicsp on Twitter

Seriously though, whales are like the coolest kids in the ocean. Some of us live for whale watching just to catch a slight glimpse of these incredible creatures in their element. If you really love whales, you'll love a tattoo like this one very much.

You Won't Need To Fish For Compliments With A Starfish Tattoo
staylaced19 on Twitter

Stars are already an easy tattoo choice, because they are simple designs that can go just about anywhere on your body. Changing that simple star into a starfish makes your tattoo take on a whole new nautical feel. I really love starfish designs, because they allow you to get super creative with the colors and patterns.