7 Beach Tattoo Ideas, So You Can Always Have A Piece Of Your Happy Place With You

by Tessa Harvey

Everyone has a happy place. Some people find so much solace in their room, while other people love concerts and feel so at home at music festivals. Some have a sweet spot for quaint, trendy coffee shops. But you personally like your happy place to be a little more on the tropical side. Your happy place is the beach — you live for the summer, having the sunshine on your face, and the sand between your toes. It's the key to you reaching ultimate relaxation mode. There's something about being there that lets all of your worries melt away. Even the biggest issues seem small when you're at the beach. Unfortunately, you can't always be at your happy place, which is why some beach tattoo ideas come in handy.

I mean, if you think about it, many beach lovers get the short end of the stick. If a coffee shop is your happy place, you can get there pretty much anytime, anywhere — but if your happy place is a beach, there are a few more requirements to be fulfilled, such as good weather, access, and your beach essentials.

Basically, your happy place takes some work to get to. But no worries, because you don't always have to be at your happy place to feel the amazing effects of it. A tattoo can do your place just as much justice, and sometimes it's all you need to get yourself back on track. These eight beach tattoo ideas will have you daydreaming of vitamin sea in no time.

The Seashore Is Where It's At
sabrinap_xoxo on Twitter

If there's one thing that's a stable reminder of the beach, it's a seashell. They're beautiful, they're tiny, and, lucky for you, they're totally customizable in tattoo form. Maybe you'll model your tat after that special shell you found with grandma when you were just a kid, or maybe you'll create a colorful masterpiece of a treasure you recently found on the sand. Either way, it's all yours.

A Wave And A Sun Is Too Perfect For The Beach Lover
whitneyadams01 on Twitter

When you're at the beach, two main things come to mind: the warm sunshine and the grand ocean. So of course, the baller move is to get a tattoo that showcases them both, right? This gorgeous tattoo is also in the shape of a semi-colon. The symbolism is so beautiful.

Swim On, Jellyfish
lucy_davies1985 on Twitter

I personally love the idea of a jellyfish tattoo. You can make it as large and in charge as you desire, or you can go the subtle route. That doesn't even begin to scrape the barrel on color. Just think about the amazing watercolor you could have done! I'm thinking this tattoo would be beautiful on your forearm or even your collarbone.

Days Spent Out In The Sunshine Are What You Live For
kylietruelock on Twitter

A sun tattoo is such a beloved tattoo, and for a reason. You can have the tat designed to match your personality, and it's easy to opt in or out of color — it works both ways. It's also so small and subtle, and you can place it really anywhere you'd like on your body.

A Salty And Sweet Reminder Of The Ocean
alliepringle on Twitter

A wave tattoo is the perfect beach tattoo, don't you think? It's small, simple, and I love that you can get as abstract as you want with the design. It might seem a little basic at first, but the truth is, no two waves have to look alike. I love the simple black lines in this one, but you can adjust per your liking.

Something Tropical
mdc_mdc on Twitter

The palm tree is the ultimate reminder of relaxation. You can't tell me you don't think of a palm tree and feel yourself transported to a sandy beach within a matter of seconds. If you're getting a tattoo of your happy place, that's exactly the experience you want.

If You're Caught Between Two Places
jwalkhc on Twitter

Two things I never thought I'd see in the same tattoo: the beach and outer space — but it totally works. It's a reminder of your favorite place, and, at the same time, a reminder of where you still have to go. Space is the limit.