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The Nightmare You Have Most, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Nightmares are no joke. Seriously, a devastating nightmare can traumatize you for years. I could only fall asleep with the television turned on for the longest time, and it was all thanks to a horrible nightmare I had that involved sleep paralysis and a dark, shadowy figure holding me down to the point that I couldn't breathe. I still get goosebumps thinking about it now. I'm sure the nightmare you have most, based on your zodiac sign, will always send chills down your spine.

Even though nightmares are all in your head, they can feel vividly real and so deeply disturbing. When you're having a nightmare, you don't even know you're having a nightmare. You truly believe that whatever is happening in your subconscious is actually happening in real life, no matter how strange or outlandish it is. However, bad dreams always stem from something real: your fear. A nightmare is merely a manifestation of a fear or anxiety you're having. It's a way for the truth hidden in your subconscious to burst through the surface. The imagination can certainly conjure some brutal imagery to reflect what's going inside of you. So, let's talk about what's really going on inside of you. And by that, I mean your nightmares.

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Aries: You're Naked In Public

You're terribly afraid of being vulnerable and then embarrassing yourself. Finding out that you're butt naked in public is your idea of the worst kind of nightmare, and a nightmare you've probably had many times.

Taurus: You're Falling

You need a sense of safety and stability to feel OK, so when you feel like you've lost control, you probably dream about falling. You know you're eventually going to hit the ground and there's nothing you can do about it.

Gemini: You're Being Chased

When you've got problems, you tend to avoid them. This is why your anxieties can manifest into a nightmare about being chased by a dangerous entity. You don't know where to go and you're terrified of being caught.

Cancer: Your Loved One Is Dying

Your love ones are so important to you that you have a tendency to be co-dependent. Watching someone you love die, no matter how hard you try to keep them alive, is a nightmare that I bet you've had before.

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Leo: Your Teeth Are Falling Out

When you're feeling down, you have the tendency to feel insecure about yourself. This can manifest as a dream in which your teeth are falling out. You're worried about how you look and it feels out of your control.

Virgo: You're Running Late

You really get upset when you're late to an appointment or you're failing to meet an expectation. This is why your nightmares tend to manifest the panic of not measuring up to your own standards and breaking commitments.

Libra: You're Being Abandoned

So much of your heart goes into your relationships and the idea of being betrayed or abandoned by someone you trust is truly your worst nightmare. Whether you're cheated on or left behind, your nightmare is terrifying.

Scorpio: You're Being Haunted

Your imagination is rife with paranormal imagery, so I bet you've had so many nightmares of shadow people, demons, and ghosts. Dreaming of an unknown entity taking control of your life would certainly be a manifestation of your fear.


Sagittarius: You're Trapped

You're terrified of being bogged down or stuck somewhere, so why wouldn't your worst nightmare involve being trapped? Whether you're imprisoned in a small space or trapped in a stressful commitment, your dream is scary.

Capricorn: You're Failing A Test

You put so much stock into being perfect and maintaining a record of success. The idea of being unprepared for a test and then failing it miserably is a nightmare that will haunt you so much, you won't want to talk about it.

Aquarius: You're Invisible

Your worst fear is being isolated or alienated by society, so I bet you've dreamed of being ignored and excluded. Your worst nightmare definitely involves being invisible to everyone else. You always want to be relevant.

Pisces: You're Drowning

You can feel easily overwhelmed by the pressures and responsibilities of life, which is why your nightmares probably involve drowning. You're fighting against something that is so much more powerful than you and you can't escape.

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