4 Dating Wishes To Manifest During This Sunday's Powerful New Moon

Certain aspects of astrology allow us to find meaning to specific parts of our lives. These things affect how we view different situations, varying from our education, to career, to love life. The new moon on September 9 affects your love life in more ways than one. Depending on the status of your romantic life at the moment, the new moon could help you gain perspective and insight into your own life.

I spoke to Annabel Gat, who writes the daily and monthly horoscopes for Broadly, and the AstroTwins astrologers Ophira and Tali Edut to learn more about what the new moon means and how it correlates to various dating and relationship situations.

First, what is the new moon?

"The new moon is like a fresh start, a moment where the sky is dark and we have a 'blank canvas' upon which to create," the Edut twins tell Elite Daily. "In astrology, the moon represents our deepest emotions, how we nurture ourselves and others, and what we need in order to feel secure. These are themes to reflect on during the day of the new moon, which occurs once each month. It's a moment, astrologically, that can be used for starting fresh, setting intentions and planting seeds for the coming four weeks and six months."

This specific new moon is in Virgo, says Gat, and evokes back-to-school vibes.

"This new moon in Virgo, a dutiful, thoughtful, hardworking yet playful Mercury-ruled sign especially feels like 'back-to-school,' because whether you’re in class or not, we’re all [feeling] guided under this new moon to sharpen our pencils and get organized," Gat tells Elite Daily.

Read on to see how specifically the new moon could affect your love life.

If you're single

The AstroTwins say that this could be an ideal time to "[break] free of old patterns" and try "something new."

"For example, you could challenge yourself to swipe right on a totally different type or take a break from digital dating and try to meet someone in person instead," the twins tell Elite Daily. "It's also a good time to reflect on things you might be doing in love that aren't working — and maybe read a book or listen to a love expert's podcast to get some new ideas and strategies for dating. If you've been 'single and loving it' for awhile, this might be your moment to dive back into the dating pool."

Gat agrees. She advises all you single ladies out there to explore your sexuality.

"Get curious," Gat says. "Allow yourself to explore, try new things. Never been to a sex party? Go. Virgo might be the virgin of the zodiac, but they’re curious as hell. Never been on a blind date? Try it!"

If you're in a relationship

The new moon could help you and your partner realign what you want to focus on in the near future and communicate any issues you may have with one another.

"Reconnect on an intellectual level," Gat says. "Talk about what feels good, and why. Talk about what hurts and how to heal. Brainstorm together. Get in the weeds, allow yourself to fuss about the details. They hate how you chew with your mouth open, and you hate when they text during dinner? Talk about it — not to shame each other or to pick a fight, but to intellectually explore your likes and dislikes and to commit to adjusting to each other."

The AstroTwins advise those in relationships to think about the next several months with their partner.

"The new moon can prompt you to plan that vacation, open a joint savings account, or do something bold together like exchanging keys or shopping for your first cohabitation station," the AstroTwins say.

If you're unhappy with your love life

Reflect on your own approaches and attitudes toward dating, and consider adjusting some bad habits of yours.

"Since the moon governs what's going on inside of us, it's essential to examine one's own role in the relationship breakdown," the twins say. "Ask yourself why you put up with certain behaviors and B.S. Why are you attracted to that person over and over again, even though the ending turns out that same each time? If you're stuck in an unfulfilling cycle, the new moon inspires you to get emotional support and change your own behaviors — which, in turn, can bring new results in your life."

But you could also find peace with accepting that every day is different.

"When we’re unhappy with our love life, we can find ourselves desperate to know what will happen next, but during this new moon, we all need to be real and understand that all we can really know is the present," Gat says. "Be in the present… and if you don't like what's happening today, understand this moment doesn't need to be your tomorrow. You can change… and if it feels too hard, reach out to a friend or counselor who can help!"

If you're unhappy with your sex life

Explore a new fantasy, seek out a new partner. Use the new moon to your benefit.

"This is a great time to mix it up and try something daring and experimental in the bedroom (or out of it)," the AstroTwins say.

And don't let the "back-to-school" nervous energy stunt what could be a great sexual re-awakening for you.

"Let your imagination run free," Gat says. "Big climaxes — emotional and otherwise — usually come with the full moon, but sex doesn’t always need to be about orgasm. Touch for the sake of touching during this new moon in Virgo… and if a climax comes, enjoy!"

That's right, ladies. Enjoy. Look forward to this exciting transition time in the cosmos as we approach the new moon.

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