Elite Daily's 'Backseat Blind Date' Series Has a Major Twist At The End This Time

by Annie Foskett
Elite Daily

I've always had a PG-rated fantasy that I would meet someone in an Uber Pool and eventually fall in love with them. But in reality, every time I've taken a Pool, I've end up sitting next to a person who is wearing headphones and fully ignoring my entrance. One time, a dude gave me his business card, but it was for business, not dating. This is why I thoroughly enjoyed Elite Daily's Backseat Blind Date series with Mahima and Alex. The pair pretty much lived out the meet-cute of my carpool dreams.

In case you're new to the Backseat Blind Date series, I'll explain the premise: a person blindly hops into the backseat of a car, thinking they're just headed to the destination they plugged into their phone. When they enter the car, the driver explains that actually, there are hidden cameras in the car and the unassuming passenger is about to go on a pre-date whiel driving around the city. Then, the driver picks up their match, the pair competes in three rounds of games in order to win cold, hard cash. At the end of the ride, the pair can decide to split the cash and part ways, or spend it on another date together. (And no, it's not just you, I'm anxious thinking about this moment too.)

In this particular episode, 25-year-old Mahima gets into the car first. She's a bit caught off guard, but then pretty quickly puts her game face on and agrees to participate, That's when Alex, 30, hops in. Both Alex and Mahima look nervous — because, yes, having a first date filmed in the back of a car is very nerve-inducing — and it's very sweet.

As the pair drives around the New York streets, they take part in multiple dating challenges. The first challenge — "Hot or Not?" —  shows how compatible the pair might actually be. They happen to both vote the same way on each topic: Splitting the check? They both think it's hot. Meeting the parents after one month? They're both think it's not... and are pretty genuinely horrified by the idea. At the end of the first round, Mahima and Alex have earned a total of $40. Not bad for a ride that one normally spends money on!

Then, the two partake in a challenge called "Snack Break," in which they earn $2 for each marshmallow they can fit in their mouths. While I was mildly concerned about the risk of someone choking, the challenge was weirdly adorable because Mahima and Alex both fully go for it. In the end, they earn another $28, to which Alex says, "I knew my big mouth was good for something!"

Without totally spoiling the episode, the final challenge goes as well as the first two. There ends up being a solid amount of money at stake. On top of making a good team and being entirely compatible when it comes to their opinions on dating and marshmallows, what happens at the very end of the episode is a total surprise.

Check out this episode if you've ever met someone awesome in the back of a cab, wanted to meet someone awesome in the back of a cab, or never thought you'd meet someone awesome in the back of a cab. You'd be surprised at how much you can find out about someone during a short ride downtown. When it comes to real life, however, maybe skip the marshmallow challenge if you're looking for your future SO in the backseat of an Uber. Plus, I feel like marshmallow remnants might hurt your rating.

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