This Month's New Moon Will Revive Tired Relationships, So Get Ready

Ah, the new moon. It's the point in our lunar cycle in which energy is released and set free so that a new intention can take its place. As the sky darkens, devoid of moonlight, our universe is replenished and renewed. The reason we're so affected by the moon's phases is because the moon rules over the emotional body. No matter how strange the astrological influence may be, I always find the new moon to be an optimistic time. Why? Despite everything we might be going through, it's a reminder that we can always pick ourselves up and start over. Slated to occur on Dec. 7, how the new moon in Sagittarius 2018 will affect your relationships is proof that you can always turn over a new leaf.

After a long, dark, and intensely introspective Scorpio season, along with a deeply confusing and conflicting Mercury retrograde, it's all too probable that some of your relationships may be standing on thin ice. If your relationship is feeling stale, stressful, or downright depressing, the Sagittarius new moon is an opportunity to liven things up. However, the burst of energy could also be the last straw that allows you to break free from an unsatisfying relationship for once and for all.

You'll Feel Inspired To Go On Adventures Together

In astrology, Sagittarius is the quintessential adventurer. Sagittarius is hungry for life. It yearns for new experiences, lives for spontaneous excursions, and loves taking broad leaps of faith. Use this new moon in Sagittarius to light the fire of excitement in your relationships. When was the last time you thought outside of the box? Are you stuck in a boring routine? With Sagittarius' influencing this upcoming lunation, you can take relationships that are stuck in a rut and revamp them with an eruption of creativity and excitement. Do something completely out of the ordinary.

Adversely, if one partner in the relationship is unwilling to go the distance with their counterpart and embrace a fun change, it could leave the relationship in a frustrating place. One may drift away from the commitment in search of something more interesting.

Jumping To Conclusions Could Lead To Power Struggles

However, on this new moon, things may not entirely be what they seem. Mars — planet of combat and aggression — will form a dreamy and deceptive conjunction with Neptune, planet of fiction and illusions. You may not be seeing your relationship clearly, and your problems may not entirely be stemming from reality. There's an increased chance that paranoia and fear could cause your relationship to crumble if you don't reach out and communicate your feelings. Luckily, this transit is also rife with empathy, which will help you smooth things out.

Unfortunately, it takes place at the same time that Mars forms a challenging square with the new moon, ramping up the conflict and anger. As instincts to do damage flare up, do your best to think it through before acting. Don't do something you'll regret

An Increase In Sexual Chemistry And Intimacy

The square forming between Mars and the new moon isn't entirely a bad thing, however. Remember that Mars rules over carnal instincts and sexual impulses, and even though its energy is overflowing with fire, it could be the engine-revving surge of attraction that your relationship needs. And with so much energy from sensitive and compassionate Neptune flooding this lunation, quarrels could lead to a deeper level of intimacy if you're willing to try and understand each other.

Sagittarius is famed for taking the focus away from petty details and minor inconveniences and showing you the great beyond. This can allow you to see your relationship from a wider perspective. Sure, you may be having problems now, but what about everything you've been through together? What about everything that's yet to come? See beyond "right now". Is your relationship worth more than you think?