Sagittarius Season Starts On Thanksgiving Day, So Your Family Gathering Could Get Super Dramatic

Is it just me, or has Scorpio season been one intense ride? Being the zodiac sign of death and rebirth, Scorpio takes you all the way to the deepest, blackest darkness before pulling you back up into the light. It forces you to face your skeletons, delve into your shadow self, and heal from your trauma. Despite how sexy and mystical the whole experience can be, Scorpio season is no joke. Are you ready to for the universe to laugh again? Luckily, Sagittarius season 2018 starts Thanksgiving Day, and it's definitely the breath of fresh air that you've been waiting for.

We all know that Thanksgiving can be a difficult time. With all the high expectations of embodying a happy and loving family, drama has a tendency to creep up when you've got all your relatives sitting in the same room. Between political differences, familial animosity, and pressure to maintain peace, this isn't always the cozy holiday it's made out to be. Fortunately, fire sign Sagittarius has a way of helping us all appreciate our differences and engage in cultural exchange. However, don't expect it to be your saving grace. The cosmos are cooking up quite the astrological storm on Thanksgiving day, and it compromises all things good and bad about Sagittarius.

Sun In Sagittarius: Wild Adventures

Starting on Nov. 22, Sagittarius season arrives in time for Thanksgiving day. When the sun is in the ninth sign in the zodiac wheel, we drop all the moodiness and open our eyes to all the many possibilities that the universe has to offer. All Sagittarius wants to do is contemplate the meaning of life and then embark on an exciting adventure. Why overanalyze every tiny flaw? Why allow ourselves to get bogged down by so many pesky details? Sagittarius simply doesn't care. All that's on a Sagittarian mind is the overall journey.

With the sun in Sagittarius during Thanksgiving, one thing's for sure: Thing's are gonna be fun. Sagittarius simply has a way of making everyone feel way more optimistic, open-minded, spontaneous, and light-hearted. Doesn't that sound like the greatest cosmic recipe?

Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius: Messy Drama

Not so fast there. Did I forget to mention that Mercury will also be in retrograde during Thanksgiving? That's right, folks. Not only will the planet of communication, cognitive function, and transportation be out of order, its malfunctions will take on the dark side of Sagittarius.

When Sagittarius isn't thinking straight, it has the tendency to be impulsive, brutally honest, loud, irresponsible. When Thanksgiving — a holiday that's famous for being the catalyst that opens a whole basement full of family drama — is being influenced by Sagittarius foolishness, it's wise to make sure to think twice before opening your mouth, sett your priorities straight, and remain mindful of the social atmosphere. Even though Sagittarius loves to make a point, that point could come at the cost of managing the good vibes.

Full Moon In Gemini: Temper Tantrums

So we've got Sagittarius absurdity, Mercury retrograde... oh, and a full moon in Gemini on Nov. 23, just in time for some ruthless Black Friday shopping. Are the cosmos in the mood for a Thanksgiving showdown or what? Full moons are always a ridiculously emotional time, and if things are getting dramatic at the dinner table, you can bet that every guest in attendance is heated about their point of view.

This Gemini full moon will also form a complicated square with combative Mars and a strange opposition with over-the-top Jupiter. Keep in mind that not only will people have the instinct to fight, they might not be thinking with the most logical mindset. Stories can get exaggerated, details lost, and feelings hurt. Remember that sometimes your instincts are not to be trusted. Breathe through them before taking action.