November's Moon In Gemini Might Be The Freakiest Full Moon We've Had In A While

Are you prepared for a solid dose of cosmic weirdness? Ready to unleash your baddest self? Either way, you better gather your emotional bearings, because the full moon in Gemini 2018 is going to rock your world on Nov. 23. Whether you believe in astrology or not, you can't deny that things tend to get a little stressful around the full moon. Between werewolves transforming into their grizzly forms and the thinning of the veil that separates our world from the next, there's something undeniably powerful about this lunation. After all, there are even plenty of medical professionals who claim that the ER is always overflowing with chaos during a full moon. And, if you're well acquainted with the zodiac sign Gemini, you know there's bound to be drama.

To be quite frank, full moons are an overwhelming time as it is. This lunation is marked by peak sensitivity and overwhelming vitality. It's when the intentions that were planted on the new moon reach a point of culmination, and everyone's intuitions are on high alert. While they can be a moment of gratifying reward, they can also be moment of hard-to-swallow revelations and unwelcome changes. Either way, a full moon is a hill we all climb together, no matter how difficult it may be.

You Might Feel Curious And Willing To Change Your Mind

Anyone who's familiar with astrology knows that Gemini is not exactly a sign that's known for being sensitive. And, when a full moon is known for being an incredibly sensitive time, where does that leave us? While this full moon may make you feel more emotionally repressed and disconnected to your feelings than usual, there are still may ways that Gemini can help you process whatever you're going through.

This mutable air sign is not interested in sitting with its own emotions. Instead, it's curious about what's going on outside of them. What is everyone else feeling? Is there another way to feel about this? Why do I feel this way? Gemini asks questions and looks at everything from a different perspective. If you're hoping to dissect a situation and get to the root of the cause, Gemini will help you get there.

Conversations Can Be Confusing And Quick To Anger

However, even though Gemini is famous for its mental intelligence, let's not forget that Mercury — planet of cognitive function and communication — will be opposing the full moon while it's also in retrograde. Despite how well Gemini is capable of choosing logic over emotion, logic probably won't be working so well either when Mercury is spiraling out of control. This is capable of leaving you feeling totally confused, distracted, and disoriented. Although your instinct may be to talk through your emotions, these conversations might not flow as smoothly as you'd hope. Take care not to put your foot in your mouth or speak too bluntly.

You Might Exaggerate And Make A Big Deal Out Of Everything

Looking at the facts instead of jumping to conclusions won't be so easy on this full moon either. Because it will form an opposition with Jupiter — a planet that makes everything it touches bigger — any emotional issues or lingering dilemmas might appear to be a way bigger deal than they really are. While the full moon is attempting to feel emotionally understood, Jupiter is trying to concoct an exciting story. Try not to let your imagination run rampant, because there's a big chance that what you're thinking isn't necessarily based on the truth.

Since a major theme of this full moon will be "confusion," it's important to let this lunation be a time of easy introspection and emotional digestion. Remember that you don't have to (and honestly shouldn't) make any major decisions when you're amped up on irrational feelings. Allow yourself to be emotional, but don't forget that everything looks different in the morning.