The New Moon In Pisces 2019 Meaning Is About Spiritual Awareness & Creative Exploration

Has everything gone wrong? Have you been feeling overwhelmed by everything on your plate? Do you feel aimless and without direction? If so, you've got a cosmic opportunity to set yourself free and set your energy right, because the new moon in Pisces 2019 meaning is all about a bright and beautiful new beginning.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of new moons. Because the moon rules over your emotional and inner world, and its many phases pull on your heartstrings in their own specific and magical way. However, during a new moon, you're being relieved of all your spiritual baggage and cleansed in a way you might not even realize at the time. It's an opportunity to leave the past in the past and see the future as full of possibility. It's your chance to speak a new intention into the universe and watch it grow.

At 11:03 a.m. ET on March 6, 2019, the new moon in Pisces will take place and this one will feel like warm water washing away all the numbness and cold. The moon is happy when it's in otherworldly and compassionate Pisces, gifting the universe with a sensation of spiritual invigoration. This new moon will be about empathy and sensitivity, bringing you closer to others and yourself. It will also be about seeing the beauty in everything — the beauty that's often overlooked.

Let Go Of Spiritual Residue And Rejuvenate Your Energy

A new moon is famous for wiping your slate clean and giving you the opportunity to start over. This new moon will be in Pisces, seer of faraway realms and protector of spirits, at the same time that it forms a conjunction with Neptune, planet of psychic energy and dreams.

This lunation is a chance for you to heal some seriously deep feelings that you've been carrying. It's also an opportunity for you to see beyond your physical reality and discover what's really going on underneath it all. It's time for you to snip energy cords that are connecting you to people, places, and things that no longer have a place in your world. Take a look at where you are right now; you are starting from this very moment and the fact that you have this moment is more than enough. You could have nothing but really, you have everything.

Give In To Your Creative Instinct And See The Beauty

Pisces is an incredibly creative water sign and it needs fantasy the way we need oxygen. Embrace that need for fantasy and creativity. This lunation wants you to live for poetry, art, music, and dreams, so surround yourself with all sorts of colors in life. You can heal yourself and heal a whole society just by living and breathing art. And this art has the capacity to truly build into something big.

This new moon is forming a sextile with disciplined Saturn, allowing you to see your artistic projects through to the end and keep working hard, even if you fail. It's also forming a sextile with energetic Mars, giving you the confidence to love your art and the courage to express it freely.

Trust That You're Being Pulled Toward Destiny

One of the most beautiful things about this new moon is that it takes place while the sun is forming a trine with the north node. In astrology, the north node symbolizes the direction we, as a collective, are moving. Moving towards the north node is never easy as it requires you to be strong and overcome your negative habits. However, the cosmos are holding hands with destiny, and this lunation will bring you a step closer towards growth and success. You are finally being rewarded for all your hard work and your heart will reflect that.