The February New Moon Is About Directing Your Energy Toward The Greater Good

The year 2019 is officially underway, so have you noticed anything different about this new year? Are you sticking by your resolutions? Putting forth the energy to create a better reality for yourself? Remember that every single moment presents you with a decision, no matter how small it may be. All of your decisions eventually add up to a world of your own creation, so keep this in mind when the February 2019 new moon takes place. Granting you a fresh start in Aquarius — the zodiac sign of humanitarianism, community effort, and individuality — this lunation may demand a lot from you, but that's only because it knows all that you're capable of.

New moons are one of the most optimistic and hopeful phases of the lunar cycle. They cleanse and refresh your emotional state so that you can set a new intention into motion and embark on another journey. It's all about letting go of what no longer has any place in your life and inviting beneficial energy in its place. When a new moon takes place in Aquarius, the zodiac sign that is ruled by disciplinary and hard-working Saturn as well as erratic and rebellious Uranus, its power to dramatically reshape your world is only intensified. When it envelops your world on Feb. 4, 2019, you'll most certainly feel it.

Don't Be Afraid Of Making A Dramatic Change

Since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus — planet of radical and unexpected behavior — you're encouraged to do something drastic. Change doesn't have to be incremental. You don't have to take baby steps, letting your world shift little by little. Sometimes life demands that you make a major decision that might shock everyone around you, including yourself.

During this new moon, Mars — planet of courage and drive — will be forming a powerful and moving conjunction with Uranus. This only douses fuel on your fire, causing pressure to build within until you burst. Honor your feelings. Give yourself permission to do the damn thing that terrifies you. Sitting still and letting life pass you by will only hurt you.

Become The Most Authentic Version Of Yourself

This lunation wants you to play by nobody's rulebook but your own. However, are you so used to following procedure that you don't even know what your own rulebook looks like? Look deep within yourself and mine for that raw, misshapen gem that cannot be replicated. Who are you when you cut down all the bullsh*t? Take time away from the world to find out.

Venus — planet of beauty and love — will be holding hands with Uranus through a harmonious trine during this new moon. This energy is rife with individuality and eccentricity, asking you to embody your realest self. How can you build the world you want if you don't even know who you are? Use the new moon in Aquarius to get to the bottom of things.

Think Not Just Of Yourself, But How You Can Help Others

However, Aquarius doesn't just want you to focus on your own freedom. It wants you to consider everyone's freedom. This zodiac sign thinks of the collective before oneself and at its most powerful state, acts as a warrior for justice and a community organizer. Get together with people you care about and lend a helping hand. Find a cause that makes your heart stir and dedicate yourself to it. There is nothing more satisfying in this world than making someone else's life better. It's the Aquarian answer to happiness.

Since the new moon will form a beautiful sextile with expansive and optimistic Jupiter, you have so much power to amplify whatever energy you bring to it. If you harness your inner-good, the world will change for the better. Believe me.