Aquarius Season Is About Making The World A Better Place & Embracing Your Inner Weirdo

Sagittarius season taught you how to live life to the fullest, Capricorn season showed you how to know your limits, and Aquarius season? It's all about breaking the rules. The 11th sign in the zodiac is not afraid of standing out, going against the grain, and it refuses to rest until every single one of us is getting the respect they deserve. We're talking about the humanitarian of astrology, and when Aquarius season 2019 begins on Jan. 20, it's time to live by Gandhi's motto: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

It's no secret that Aquarians are some of the most eccentric, bizarre, and interesting people you'll ever meet. Marching to the beat of their own drum is nonnegotiable and they're so individualistic that hype actually turns them off. If everyone else is doing it, an Aquarian is automatically prepared to do the opposite. When the sun enters Aquarius, you're encouraged to get to know your truest self, not the self that society wants you do be. However, don't mistake their tendency to go rogue for acting like lone wolves. It's Aquarius season that truly brings everyone together, making the world a safer place for everyone, no matter how "weird" you might be.

Make This World A More Inclusive And Tolerant Place

Aquarius is associated with the 11th house of community in astrology. It believes in taking care of every single member of society and making sure they have the freedom to be themselves. This is a beautiful time for you to get out there, meet people who are nothing like you, and learn from one another. Don't exist in a world full of all the same people, regurgitating all of the same ideas and values. Interact with someone who can show you a different perspective. Discover how we all have so much in common, even though we all come from totally different worlds.

Become a warrior for justice, a champion for the underdog, and use your platform to protect those who are less privileged than you. It's the Aquarian way.

Dare To Be Different And Tear Down Old Conventions

Ruled by Uranus — planet of erratic change and rebellion — Aquarius has a knee-jerk reaction to the status quo and those that enforce it. Instead of so easily trusting in the institutions that govern our world, Aquarius would rather be the embodiment of the "other." Its energy is constantly pushing against the idea of what is and isn't acceptable, and an Aquarius would rather be hated for who they are than loved for who they aren't.

During Aquarius season, it's time to get over your fear of being judged for being yourself. Each and every one of us has a uniqueness that cannot be replicated. Rediscover that uniqueness. Wear it for all the world to see. Proudly show the universe that what makes you "different" is what makes you beautiful.

Prepare For A Glorious Transformation To Take Place

This Aquarius season is an extremely powerful one for a variety of reasons. However, the most striking reason of them all happens to be that its usual full moon in Leo will be replaced by a total lunar eclipse in Leo. As you probably already know, a full moon is an incredibly galvanizing lunation that induces revelations about your life, showing you the results of all the spiritual work you've been doing. A lunar eclipse? It has the power of many full moons, so prepare for this Aquarius season to be potent, unforgettable, and beyond dramatic.

Taking place in the opposite sign of Aquarius, this lunar eclipse will cause you to focus on how you express yourself, love yourself, and treat yourself with the respect you deserve. Are you putting yourself out there? Recognizing your awesomeness? The revealing light of Leo cannot be missed.