This Month's Capricorn Season Is About Learning From Your Mistakes & Dominating The World

The more you learn about astrology, the more you realize what a flawless, precise, and synchronized system it is. Behind every planetary transit and all 12 of the zodiac signs is an undeniable poetry that reflects our yearly universal journey. This brings me to my main point: It simply makes way too much sense that we end one year and begin another with the sun in Capricorn. This cardinal earth sign is ceaselessly hardworking, always prepared to learn from the past, and they've got their eye on success. Isn't that the energy you want Capricorn season 2018 to bring into your life?

As we close in on the end of 2018, I bet you're looking back on the past year and ruminating on everything that took place. Even if you handled this past year well, the astrology that we experienced was downright depressing and immensely challenging. At one point, we had to experience seven different planetary retrogrades at the same time, which forced us through some heavy introspection. At another, we held on tight during the longest total eclipse of the century, transforming life as we knew it. If you're feeling exhausted by now, it's no wonder. But don't lay down to rest just yet, because Capricorn season is about to begin and it's the positive improvement you've been waiting for.

Take Control Of Your Life And Make Sh*t Happen

It's no wonder we've got New Year's resolutions on our mind when the sun enters Capricorn. Beginning on Dec. 21 and ending on Jan. 20, this season calls on you to think about the mistakes you made over the past year and figure out how you can learn from them. Think about it: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, planet of karma, and while that may sound scary and all, it's the tough love you need before wrapping up one year and embarking on the next.

However, Saturn isn't just here to remind you that what goes around comes around. This is also the planet of discipline, hard work, and making your success happen. Capricorn is not some boring old workaholic, contrary to popular belief. This zodiac sign wants public recognition for their work. It wants you to hone in on your power and see your name in lights.

Understand Your Emotional Needs On A Deeper Level

Let's not forget that Capricorn season is when a full moon in Cancer will take place on Dec. 22, the day after it begins. This will throw us into an ocean of emotion, as Cancer is a cardinal water sign, and it is also the sign that the moon feels most at home in.

At its core, the Capricorn-Cancer axis is concerned with the soul of the home and how that home is built. While Capricorn is focused on self-reliance, external success, and being a provider, Cancer is all about nurturing the tenderest parts of ourselves and making sure that there is success within.

This full moon in Cancer will shine a light on all the hollow places in your heart, as well as validate all the ways that your heart is full. What is lacking in your emotional life? What do you need in order to feel emotionally fulfilled? During Capricorn season, you'll find out.

Allow The Spark Of A New Beginning To Unfold

The cosmos are turning up the volume on this Capricorn season, because the new moon slated to occur on Jan. 5 will also double as a partial solar eclipse. This means that all the progress that Capricorn aims for will take place within you much faster, and without hesitance.

In astrology, a solar eclipse speeds your mentality up to the future, and when Capricorn sends you loads of insight about your work ethic and your relationship with public success, you may feel restless and ready for something new. Solar eclipses light a fire within that cannot be put out, and chances are, your mindset will shift drastically.