The Advice You Should Follow During Sagittarius Season, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Hayden Williams/Stocksy

A major shift in cosmic energy is finally upon us and it's the change we've all been hoping for. As of Nov. 22, the sun will enter expansive, adventurous, and philosophical Sagittarius, so get ready to rediscover the meaning of life. Life is so much more than rules and regulations, and Sagittarius believes that you should never live your life according to someone else's standards. Who cares if your dreams come with a risk? It's time to ignore everyone who has ever doubted you, set aside your fears, and explore everything that this bountiful and beautiful world has to offer. If you'd like to get as much out of this time of year as you can, I've got some wonderful advice you should follow during Sagittarius season 2018, so start taking notes.

When the sun is in Sagittarius, it's the perfect time to plan a replenishing getaway, delve into some higher learning, and do whatever it takes to live in the present moment. Sagittarius knows that the only thing we are promised in this life is the present moment, so why live in the past or worry about the future? "Seize the day," as they say, and you'll absorb everything that this mutable fire sign has to teach you.


When was the last time you went on an adventure? Are you incorporating enough meaning into your life? It's time to open your heart to all the many possibilities on the horizon. Try something new, something out of the ordinary. Shake things up with a change.


It's time to take a closer look at your level of vulnerability. Are you receiving enough intimacy in your life? Are you letting the love in? Take stock of the way you share yourself with others. It would also be wise to pay off your debts and sort through your ties with money owed.


How are your closest relationships doing? Are there issues in your marriage? Conflicts in your business alliance? Maybe you're ready to take the next step and forge a commitment with someone. Now's the time to revamp the way you function in your mutual partnerships.


Do your priorities need sorting through? Are you procrastinating on your responsibilities? Think about all the ways you could be working harder. Form a game plan to get back to work. Have you been unhealthy lately? Dedicate yourself cleansing your mind and body.


Are you sure you're having enough fun lately? Drop all the seriousness and enjoy life like the child you are. Create art for the sake of creating art. Don't think about societal standards of "success." Do what makes you happy, simply because life is too short to waste time.


When was the last time you went home? A visit to your closest family may be the rejuvenating thing you need lately. Reacquaint yourself with your roots. Remember where you come from. Are you tending to your personal space? Spruce your home up and make it comfier.


How organized is your life? Does your schedule need sorting through? Take a look at all the clutter and mismanagement of time. Time to get things back in order. Is there something you want to say? A conversation to be had? Get in touch with your truth and say it loud and clear.


Get back to the grind and start taking your financial goals seriously. What do you want to make money for? A better life? A wider security net? A luxurious endeavor? Envision your goal and then form a plan for how you'll make it a reality. Money flows to you easily and freely.


Take a look at your identity and the energy you put forward. Does it reflect the person you're becoming? You've grown so much over the past year, it's time to start acknowledging all your success. Set an intention to guide you through the coming year. Be your baddest self.


It's time to cleanse yourself from deep within. Reconnect with your spiritual routine, release yourself from negativity, and invite positivity in its place. Listen to your intuition, it's especially sharp this time of year. Let go of your ego and come to a place of peaceful existence.


Are you longing for a sense of community? Time to get out there and connect with other like-minded individuals. We all have so much to teach each other. Are you feeling charitable or revolutionary? It may be time to contribute to your community through philanthropic efforts.


What are your lifelong dreams? Are you brave enough to make them a reality? Drop all the nonsense in your life and square in on your career goals. Make a decision, work hard, and don't take "no" for an answer. You have the power to make your dreams a reality. It's up to you.