'The cast of 'New Girl' reunited for a voting PSA on Instagram.

The 'New Girl' Cast Reunited *In Character* For A Hilarious Voting PSA Video

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The loft gang is finally back together again, and it's for an important cause. After going their separate ways when New Girl ended in 2018, Jess, Nick, and Winston reunited with a special treat for fans. The New Girl cast's voting video is an adorable little reunion that is sure to warm every fan's heart, plus it features a fan-favorite side character hilariously stealing the spotlight.

With only two weeks left until the 2020 presidential election, tons of celebrities are using their platforms to encourage fans to cast their votes, and the New Girl stars put a fun spin on their voting PSA. On Tuesday, Oct. 20, Zooey Deschanel shared a video of herself, Jake Johnson, Lamorne Morris, and Zoe Lister-Jones getting back into their beloved characters from New Girl. The short Instagram clip showed Jess, Nick, and Winston goofing around while informing viewers of important voting details, but the real star of the video was Fawn Moscato.

Lister-Jones played the intense and driven councilwoman Fawn Moscato for only a handful of Season 4 episodes of New Girl, but despite that, Fawn became one of the show's standout characters. When Fawn dated Schmidt, she molded him to fit her public image, but they broke up after an unexpected viral meme came between them. Fawn returned briefly in the series finale, revealing she had climbed the political ladder to become the city's mayor.

Clearly, Fawn knows how politics works, so she's the perfect person to teach Jess, Nick, Winston, and every New Girl fan just what to do when filling out their ballots. Check out the hilarious reunion below:

This probably was not the reunion New Girl fans were expecting, but at least it’s a fun return to the characters. Back in August, Johnson teased there’s a good chance for a reboot or some sort of reunion special in the future, considering the whole cast is still super close and are all eager to reprise their roles. Hopefully, this Instagram video will lead to a longer reunion with the full cast sometime soon, but while fans wait for a true return to the loft, listen to Fawn Moscato and get to voting.

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