Fenty Beauty Just Announced 10 New Mattemoiselle Lipstick Shades That Are Dropping So, So Soon

Another day, another gorgeous new drop from Fenty Beauty, and this time it's all about lips. Every time this brand releases a new product or expands a shade selection, I'm beyond tempted to throw the rest of my makeup collection to the wind and devote my life's savings to stocking up on Fenty newness — what can I say, their stuff is just that good. When I heard about the new Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle shades that were just released, I was especially excited, as even though I've loved the formula since day one, there was never a hue that really stood out from the rest as a must-have for me. Now, I've got ten additional shades to choose from, and spoiler alert, I've found the one for me.

If you're already familiar with Riri's famous pout, you know that she looks good rocking virtually anything on the lips, from nude gloss to a bold red lipstick. However, since not all of us are as naturally ~blessed~ as she is, Fenty Beauty has really been coming through in helping us fake a Riri-level lip game. They've got hoards of lip products now, including the Gloss Bombs ($18 each,, the Stunna Lip Paints ($24 each,, and of course, the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks ($18,, which up until now have been available in 14 striking shades.

The Mattemoiselles have a great reputation for being as lightweight on the lips as they are intensely pigmented:

While the original 14 shades were downright gorgeous, Riri really catered to the bold and the brave, and little old me was disappointed to find no classic pinky nude. I'm sorry I'm not always ready to slay like you are, Rihanna! Sometimes a girl needs a good ol' reliable basic, and even though I was always impressed by the soft, creamy matte finish of the Mattemoiselles, I never went farther than a swatch when it came to actually applying and wearing them out.

Cue the latest drop, featuring ten additional shades:

Rihanna definitely knew we would be feeling down after Christmas with nothing left to look forward to, so she decided to grace us with these ten new Mattemoiselles shades launching on December 26, all of which will be available on the Fenty Beauty site, in Sephora and Sephora in JC Penny stores, and at Harvey Nichols.

Hiiii, new shades — BTW, peep bottom middle for my long-awaited pinky nude:

Fenty Beauty

If these newbies look familiar to you, you might've seen them in a limited-edition collector's vault that was available a couple of months ago. Fans of the brand begged them to make these shades permanent and available individually, and they did just that, hallelujah.

There are definitely still some bold statement shades in the mix — "Turks and Caicos" is a deep teal," and "Violet Fury" is self-explanatory — but it's "Thicc," described on the site as a sultry mauve, that's got me truly excited. Thank you for giving the basic girls a good pinky nude, Riri! I owe you! Even the name is total perfection.

If you're hoping to snag the new shades, you'll have to wait until December 26 to do so. Now you know exactly what to do with those Sephora gift cards your distant relatives will most likely be gifting you — happy shopping!