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TikTokers (& Lizzo) Are Shook By This Viral Coconut Water-Filled "Cereal"

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When Lizzo tells you to try something, you know you've got to try it. The latest thing she's hyping as "good as hell" is the "nature's cereal" TikTok breakfast trend. You may have scrolled past the "nature's cereal" tag on your FYP by now, but if not, it breaks down to three very simple ingredients: your choice of fruit, coconut water, and ice cubes. Combined in a bowl, you get the most refreshing (and easy to make) cereal that has everyone raving.

While "nature's cereal" may sound like cold, watery fruit, tons of TikTokers are claiming it's so much more. Even Lizzo is singing its praises. But, of course, don't just take their word for it. Like baked feta pasta and braided salmon, this foodie trend needs to be (taste-)tested by you. Once you've gathered the proper ingredients, all you need to do is follow any of these six "nature's cereal" TikToks to know how to assemble it all together. You might even find some inspiration from these videos on how to take your so-called cereal to the next level with some Tajin seasoning or additional fruit. But whatever way you make it, record your very own TikTok video as you take your first bite. That way, you can add to the hype and let everyone know how you feel.

The OG "Nature's Cereal" That Started It All

While Lizzo may have been the one to introduce you to "nature's cereal" with her viral TikTok, it was the @natures_food account that originated the trend. According to the video, this TikToker created "nature's cereal" to help with their digestion and "energy level." By eating the pomegranate seeds, blackberries, and blueberries in fresh coconut water first thing in the morning, you may get the same boost of energy that a shot of espresso gives you.

Lizzo Likes Ice With Her Cereal

Inspired by @natures_food's TikTok, Lizzo (@lizzo) had to try the "nature's cereal" trend. She even put her own spin on it by adding ice cubes to the coconut water. She also uses strawberries, pomegranate seeds, and blueberries for her fruit choices.

Add A Bit Of Tajin For Spice

If you're like TikToker @spicekingcam and like a bit of Tajin (a blend of chili peppers, lime, and sea salt) with your fruit, you might want to add some of it to your "cereal." Along with the addition of the seasoning, this TikToker uses coconut milk instead of coconut water, which is an option if you want. The end result is still just as tasty and even has Lizzo reacting hilariously.

Enjoy "Nature's Cereal" In An Actual Coconut

Go for those extra Insta-worthy points by serving up your "nature's cereal" in actual coconuts. Like TikToker @jorimezuda, you can use authentic coconuts cut in half to use as bowls. You can even press the two sides together once everything is assembled, and shake it up to really mix your fruit and coconut water together.

Add Some Mango For More Color

There is no set rule on what fruit you should add to your "cereal." It can really be any combination of your favorites, but if you want an extra vibrant mix, add some mango like TikToker Danielle Keith (@healthygirlkitchen). The yellow-orange color will pop next to your dark blueberries and red strawberries or pomegranate seeds.

The Most Adorable "Nature's Cereal" Reaction

Even if you've seen a million "nature's cereal" TikToks pop up on your "For You" page, you've got to stick around till the end to see the reactions. One of the most adorable reactions comes from TikToker @greyandmama. Even Lizzo had to duet the video of Grey assembling "nature's cereal" with strawberries, "bluebabies," and raspberries. This just proves you have to record yourself trying "nature's cereal" for the first time — because you never know if Lizzo is watching.

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