The Museum Of Ice Cream Is Coming To NYC & I'm Trying To Stay Cool

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Calling all ice cream and Instagram lovers: I have some sweet scoop to share with you. The Museum of Ice Cream's NYC flagship is coming in fall 2019, and I'm totally trying to keep my cool right now. I'm attempting to pretend that my heart isn't melting at the idea of colorful rooms and pools of vibrant sprinkles. I'm also trying to keep the rad ideas I have for photo shoots and my sweet tooth at bay.

But, I can't remain calm and have to tell the world that the Museum of Ice Cream is opening a location in NYC this fall, and that all the Instagrammable moments will be making an appearance in this major city. Do you want the scoop? Of course you do.

Since the Museum of Ice Cream first opened in 2016, it has only grown to be a hub for imagination, interaction, and lots of Instagram pictures. So far, it's set up shop in cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami. Now, it's coming to back to NYC and planning to stay for a while.

According to PR Newswire, the flagship is set to open in late fall 2019 at 558 Broadway in SoHo, Manhattan. It will have three floors and 13 new installations for you and your besties to explore and take pictures with. Some of these installations include a New York City-inspired "Celestial Subway," and the largest sprinkle pool yet. (If you've been following the Museum of Ice Cream on social media over the past few years, then you know this is going to be epic.)

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You'll be able to hop on a three-story-long slide and pick up some merch to commemorate your experience at the museum's shop. Word on the street is that there will also be a café with an exclusive menu, which I have to assume includes lots of sweet treats.

To get tickets, you and your besties simply have to put a notification in your phones for Oct. 9, 2019. That's when tickets will go on sale to the public on the Museum of Ice Cream's website. If you want early access to the ticket sales, be sure to sign up for it ASAP so you can get a taste of the menu and score some colorful #content before anyone else.

PR Newswire reports that tickets will be $38 per person, with children 2 and under entering for free, and will include signature treats and ice cream tastings that you can only get at the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC.

Other than signing up for early access and making room in your budget for this one-of-a-kind experience, you can get excited and ready for the opening of the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC in other ways. For example, you can start scrolling through pictures that travelers have already taken at this museum in other locations, and figure how you can angle your lens a little differently.

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You can imagine what it would be like to hang in a pool of sprinkles or walk down a hallway lined with scoops. You can also prep a bunch of ice cream-related captions for the posts on Instagram you're bound to make.

In addition, you can follow the Museum of Ice Cream on Instagram and sign up for the newsletter on their site. That way, you'll always know when there's a new location opening up and can make plans to check it out. Believe it or not, I think this is just the start for this imaginative and straight-up cool franchise. Anything is popsicle now.