13 People Reveal The Sweetest & Most Underrated Parts Of Being In A Relationship

There are tons of reasons why being in a relationship is great. You get amazing perks, like regular intimacy with someone you love, a shoulder to cry on when you're feeling down, and a plus one to pretty much every single event. But those are just the obvious reasons having a partner makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. Some of the greatest parts about being in a good relationship are the small things — the tiny gestures you never even knew could put a smile on your face. The most underrated things about being in a relationship may seem insignificant on paper, but IRL they make all the difference.

Something my partner caught on to very fast is the fact that snacking is legit one of my favorite pastimes. Whether it's my favorite chips that he whips out of the glove compartment when I'm having a bad day, or the stash of Ferrero Rocher chocolates he keeps in the back of our pantry for a special occasion, he just gets it. I can honestly say that the most underrated part of dating my boyfriend is the fact that he's like a soccer mom when it comes to having yummy snacks and refreshments on hand. Here are some other adorably sweet things that make having a bae, amazing.

Having Someone To Eat With
Having meals together. That’s probably one of the worst things for me about being single. I love to cook. But hate just eating it myself. In a relationship you always have someone there to enjoy it with you.


Having A Buddy For Life's Less Exciting Moments
Always having someone to do mundane tasks with. It’s like having your best friend with you when you have to do boring chores from laundry mats to doctors appointments, except they’re happy to be there with you.


Hugs Whenever You Want
A tender hug for no particular reason, other than you both naturally want to.


Being Able To Just Exist Together
Not feeling weird when there’s nothing to talk about. It’s just like...ok there’s nothing to say. Not like when you’re dating someone new and you’re trying to think of anything to break an uncomfortable silence.


Making Them Smile
Your SO's smile. When I was still dating my now ex girlfriend, some of our time together was spent watching GoT and eating popcorn. She once mentioned some sort of seasoning powder you could buy for popcorn (can't remember what it was now). During my next trip to the store, I managed to find some. When she came over later, I asked if it was the right kind. She broke out in this special smile that I knew was just for me.


Two Words
Forehead kisses


Getting To Order Two Entrees
When you go to a restaurant and there are two things on the menu you want, you can get your SO to order one of them and share.


Having A Designated Bed Warmer
Sleeping together. I don’t mean sex (although that’s obviously great), I mean literally just sleeping together. Being able to drift off to sleep feeling safe and comforted because that person is there next to you. Having someone there if you have a bad dream in the middle of the night. Waking up briefly and just feeling their presence and knowing that everything is okay and going back to sleep.


Having Someone To Share Laughs With
Funny movies are funnier with someone else laughing.


Having Someone To Get Weird With
Having an outlet for my weirdness. My SO and I occasionally like to have pretend conversations using only turkey noises. I find that kind of shit hilarious, but when I was single I had no-one to do it with, so it just kinda stayed bottled up, and I felt like a more boring person as a result.


Just Being In The Same Room
Just sitting in the same room. Together or doing your own thing. Then you glance over and smile because they are there for the same reason you are.


Having More Clothes To Wear
Girl + Girl = always clothes, everywhere. Always.


Having Someone To Wash Your Back
My wife and I regularly take showers together so we can scrub each other backs. Doing it with one of those long handled loofas is alright, but someone actually scrubbing your back is amazing.


As you can see, being in a relationship can really make some of life's everyday moments even better. And while you certainly don't need a partner to be happy, if you have one, make sure you let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life.

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