The Meaning Of The New Moon Will Unleash A New Perspective For You

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There's no better time to start over than on the new moon. It's a moment of emotional cleansing; a reset for your spiritual state. As the moon expands throughout its waxing phase and then dissipates across the waning phase, your heart goes through a period of growth and decline. But on the new moon, you're meant to let go of all that you've learned and embark on another path, so let the meaning of the June 3, 2019 new moon in Gemini flow over your internal universe and point you in a different direction. Rejuvenating the cosmos at 6:02 a.m., this new moon will rise in the mutable air sign of Gemini, which has everything to do with the mind and the voice.

When the cosmos plant a seed in Gemini, it takes the shape of a brilliant idea that has entered your head at the last moment. It's like an eye-opening conversation with the last person you ever expected to talk to. It manifests itself as liberation from your previous mindset. All Gemini wants to do is entertain different perspectives, share their opinions, and learn from one another. When it comes to brainstorming and intellectualizing, there's no better lunation to help everyone get started. If you've been struggling to get some momentum going and to lift yourself away from what's familiar, the new moon in Gemini is here to blast you forward. Feel that lightbulb flashing above your head? That, my friend, is Gemini's genius. Embrace it.

Connect With Others And Dive Into Social Exploration

If you're stuck in your own shell or given to shyness, this new moon will open you right up. After all, Gemini is the zodiac sign of communication and social exchange, and no other zodiac sign can get you taking faster than Gemini. If you've ever spent time around someone who harbors a lot of Gemini energy, you know all about how easy it is for them to ramble on and on about something they're passionate about. When this new moon takes place, it's time to take on some of that energy for yourself, because when you say your ideas out loud, they become real.

When this new moon in Gemini takes place, it's time to tell everyone what you think. Let the world know all about the ideas you have, because otherwise, they'll collect dust within your mind.

Satiate Your Hunger For Knowledge And Learn Something New

A Gemini's mind is like a sponge that wants to absorb information wherever it goes. When a new moon takes place in Gemini, it encourages you to learn at any opportunity you can. If there's ever been a subject you've been interested in, a new moon in Gemini is the time to dive right into it. Considering how amazing Gemini is at multitasking and memorizing, you'll probably realize that you've got five different Wikipedia pages open out of nowhere. Gemini is simply in way too big a hurry to feast on some knowledge.

This thirst for fresh facts and hot takes translates into a desire to expand your idea of yourself. Gemini reminds you there is so much more that you could know, so why fall behind?

Let Go Of Your Beliefs And Take In New Perspectives

Even the most impartial and rational person can be stubborn on occasion. There are simply certain beliefs and ideologies that you've abided by for so long, it's difficult to see things from any other perspective. However, with a new moon in Gemini, you can't help but see things at a new angle. Gemini wants to prove there is more than one answer, so why not understand them all? To live in a reality where things are either black or white would bore Gemini to tears. On this new moon, it's time to appreciate every gray area in existence.

It's within the gray areas that lie the truth, because Gemini understands that nuances are far more interesting than absolutes. Let this flexibility of your perspective unleash you from close-mindedness.

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