This Pink Moon Ritual Will Inspire You To Make Time For More Self-Love

By now, I bet you've already heard about the upcoming Pink Moon slated to brighten our skies Friday night (April 19). How could it not grab your attention? After all, everything's always better when it's pink. Like all full moons, this is bound to be an intense, complicated, albeit beautiful experience. If you're as excited to harness the meaning of the 2019 Pink Moon as I am, you'll want to keep reading.

However, before I get into all that, I have a confession to make: I'm always a little bit apprehensive about full moons. Even though I know the experience is always transformative and strengthening, the process is rarely ever smooth or easy. I know that a full moon, in the long run, will be good for me, but I have to remind myself that destruction is also a form of creation. When full moons are famous for bringing sensitive information to light, closing chapters, and presenting you with a result, you know that surprises are in store.

However, the Pink Moon has such a poetic meaning that even I'm enthusiastic about what's to come. This is the April full moon I'm talking about, and with spring underway, there is so much hope on the horizon. This is about the initial stages of growth. This is about sprouting once again.

The Pink Moon Is All About Finding Balance & Beauty Within

According to, the Pink Moon won't take on the shade of your favorite color, but its meaning will. The Pink Moon gets its name from wild ground phlox, which is a bright pink flower that blossoms all over the place during spring in North America. It's so plentiful around this time of the year that it envelopes the natural world with pink. Wild ground phlox is a sign that color is returning to the world after a long and arduous winter, reminding you of the cyclical beauty you can always rely on.

This particular Pink Moon takes place in the zodiac sign Libra, which is known for its power of harmony, beauty, and partnership. This full moon will be about how you balance your devotion to yourself with your devotion to everything else in your life. Are you giving away too much of your energy without taking enough in? Are you realizing the beauty of your independence? Be a partner to yourself first and foremost. Then open yourself up to someone who understands that partnership.

A Ritual To Increase Self-Love & Attract Positive Partnerships

If you want to send a message to the Pink Moon and absorb its power for your personal growth, then this ritual is for you. Perform it while the Libra full moon hangs in the sky, either outside or next to a window. Before beginning this ritual, make sure you purify your space, such as by lighting sacred smoke like sage or creating a circle with a selenite crystal. If you can, take a shower or a bath beforehand so you can feel as relaxed, cleansed, and refreshed as possible. You'll also need:

  • Two pink candles
  • One rose quartz

Light your candles. One candle represents you and the other represents your partner. Pick up the rose quartz and hold it close to your heart. Think of every beautiful thing about you. See it in your mind's eye. Your kindness, your smile, your sense of humor, your capacity for love, your artistic talents — all of it. You can write a list of things beforehand to help you through this meditation.

See yourself as a child and admire the person you have been. Imagine yourself in the future, surrounded by accomplishment. Fall in love with yourself and picture someone falling in love with you in the way you deserve. Whenever you feel ready, repeat:

I fall more in love with myself everyday.

Someone shares in this love with me,

and reveals it in their own special way.

Leave the rose quartz between the two candles. Allow the candles to burn all the way through. In the meantime, feel free to return to your ritual and repeat this process as many times as you want. Let the Pink Moon infuse your crystal with its power, enhanced by your ritual. Once the ritual has ended, you can carry your rose quartz with you everywhere and remember your power.