If You're Craving A Total Career Revamp, You Can Thank The New Moon In Taurus

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by complicated and stressful thoughts, remember that you always have a rejuvenating new moon to look forward to. As long as the lunar cycle continues to transform our world, your spirit will always be taken care of. It's during the new moon phase that the antidote for all the toxic energy swirling inside you can be found. It wipes your slate clean and gives you a chance to have a fresh start. If you feel like you've been stuck in a rut lately, you have so much to look forward to when the May 2018 new moon in Taurus darkens our sky on May 15.

Because Taurus is a zodiac sign known for simplifying their concerns until it's centered on whatever's most important to them, you can expect this new moon to help you see things a lot more clearly. It's also known for being practical and realistic. With a new moon in Taurus, you'll understand how to get ahold of yourself through tough times and focus your sights on success. You'll feel inspired to sort out your priorities and worry about things that truly matter. The fact that Uranus is also moving into Taurus on the same day fills this new moon with an unlimited source of power. Uranus is the ruler of electrifying change, harsh awakenings, and moving on from the past. You can expect this new moon to shove you straight into the future, and if you're not ready, well... tough love.

You Might Have An Epiphany About Your Career

Since this new moon is so heavily influenced by the transition that Uranus will make into Taurus on the same day, you can expect to be flooded with revelations about your life. Taurus is concerned with earthly matters, such as security, wealth, and remaining grounded. Thus, your career and your means of survival will inevitably come into question.

You may realize that you're not making as much money as you should be, that your job is not serving your best interests, or that you haven't been taking your career seriously. It's during this new moon that you will have to face the truth, then make serious plans to change things for the better. If you don't do it yourself, then Uranus will do it for you. However, it's a lot more empowering when you make your life happen instead of letting it be something that happens to you.

Release Baggage From Your Life That No Longer Serves You

If you're really gonna grab the Taurus bull by the horns and make a difference in your life, you can't do it if the past is holding you back. Negative and depleting energy can take the form of an ex you can't seem to get over, a job you're too scared to quit, a toxic groups of friends, and even your own self-loathing thought process. Whatever it is that's getting in the way of you becoming your best self must be reckoned with. You can't continue to put off these dilemmas until tomorrow. Once the new moon arrives, you'll have to confront them.

A Taurus new moon wants you to cut all the useless crap out of your life and focus on what's necessary for your happiness. Quit caring about who'll you'll offend and do what needs to be done. The only loyalty that matters right now is the loyalty that you have to yourself.

You'll Be Motivated To Grow Up And Get Serious

A Taurus new moon isn't about wonderful ideas that sound easier said than done. It's not about making commitments that you'll break by next week. When a Taurus makes a promise, they keep it.

Your idea of a future full of success, wealth, luxury, and comfort will not happen overnight and it certainly won't happen without some serious effort. On the Taurus new moon, you need to take deliberate action in your life and stay consistent with your plans. This earth sign loves sowing what they reap, especially when they know they worked painstakingly hard to deserve all the pleasure in their life. On this day, let the steady determination of a Taurus be your guiding light.