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There's A Rare Astrological Event Happening RN & It's Inspiring You To Take Action

by Valerie Mesa

In addition to the collective vibration you're currently experiencing in between eclipses, there's another cosmic event happening on Saturday, June 13. Mars and Neptune will join forces in the transcendental sign of Pisces, which also happens to be Neptune's sign of rulership. Idealistic and universal, the Mars-Neptune 2020 conjunction in Pisces is all about tapping into your divine light and spirit.

Celestial ruler of mystical Pisces, Neptune is symbolic of the divine feminine, while warrior-like Mars is a perfect embodiment of the sacred masculine. And while the thought of categorizing specific energies as "feminine" or "masculine" seems cringeworthy and stereotypical, there's a distinctive duality existing between both, especially when it comes to the ancient practice of astrology. For instance, whether you're referring to the four elements, (fire, earth, air, and water) or the three modalities (cardinal, fixed signs, and mutable signs), a unique fusion of both the divine feminine and sacred masculine is alive and well in all 12 signs of the zodiac.

The sacred masculine — embodied in the elements fire and air — is the physical energy you project into the world and in the third dimension. The divine feminine — governed by the elements earth and water — is synonymous to the energy that exists within and comes to live in the universal realm. Having said that, it's important to keep this in mind in order to fully understand the power of this rare conjunction.

Neptune In Pisces


Dreamy and elusive, Neptune is the planet of collective consciousness, dreams, transcendence, unity, and universal love. Again, it's no wonder this heavenly body governs Pisces, as it's incredibly in tune with the invisible realm. What's even more interesting is, the last time Neptune traveled through Pisces was about 250 years ago, between 1760 and 1785. If you think about the historical events that took place during this era — namely, the American revolution — you'll get a better idea of how powerful this celestial transit is.

Swimming through the all-encompassing waters of Pisces until 2025, Neptune will teach you how to cultivate your creative visions, powers of intuition, and divine light. Neptune in Pisces is selfless, idealistic, and symbolic of the unconditional love surrounding your highest being. Its ethereal essence serves as a reminder of the numinous frequencies all around you, as it brings you closer to your vivid imagination. You are a multidimensional being and it's time to use your ancient gifts for the good of mankind. The collective is counting on you.

Mars-Neptune 2020 Conjunction In Pisces

Aggressive and animalistic, the essence of Mars has absolutely nothing in common with Neptune's connection to source. The warrior planet governs everything from your aggressive impulses to your most carnal desires. And though Mars epitomizes the sacred masculine in every way, things automatically change when it's traveling through Pisces. So much so that Mars in Pisces is typically frowned upon, as both a transit and natal placement. However, what most people don't realize is that Mars in Pisces' infinite strength is just as selfless as it is mysterious. So if Mars takes action with vigor and passion, Mars in Pisces goes to war for the sake of mankind.

On Saturday, June 13, aggressive Mars will conjunct dreamy Neptune in its sign of rulership, Pisces. This rare event will be nothing short of extraordinary but as always, there's both a high frequency and a low frequency available to the collective. The good news is Mars will invigorate the essence of Neptune, which can ultimately inspire you to take necessary action in order to make your dreams become reality. Mystical and swirling with creativity, this combination of energies could almost seem too good to be true. On the dark side, however, Mars-Neptune in Pisces is prone to delusion and escapism, given its inhibitions with harsh realities.

To say this conjunction feels like a fantasy would be an understatement. It's extremely important to stay grounded and present during this time, as there's a fine line between an illusion and your current reality. Mars wants to help you fight for your ultimate fantasy, and Neptune knows no boundaries. Use this energy wisely without losing sight of what's right in front of you. And if you're in the practice of remembering your dreams, make sure you write them down. The universe wants to communicate with you and help you tap into your highest vibration. Open your heart and mind.