If You’re Feeling Extra Self-Conscious Lately, It May Be Thanks To The Blue Moon

With two full moons occurring in the same month, there's no doubt that March 2018 is going out with a bang. On Mar. 31, the full moon in Libra will also double as a blue moon, capping this month off with an extra dose of magic. However, not all magic is fairy dust and rainbows. Sometimes magic is dark, difficult, and hard to swallow. That doesn't make it any less meaningful to our spiritual growth and the March 2018 blue moon in Libra is proof of that.

It's during a full moon that the boundaries separating the body from the soul is weakened. We feel like our purest, intrinsic self which, ironically, can be an incredibly confusing experience. We're so used to looking at the world through a filtered lens but there's rarely anything clean about our most primal needs. The best way to deal with these strange feelings is to fully embrace them. All the hidden parts of you are unveiling themselves. They want to be heard. If you don't listen, they'll only be forced to scream louder to get your attention.

When the full moon is in Libra, the desire to balance the equilibrium between our own dust and divinity is made even more desperate. Libra is always seeking harmony and beauty within itself. The problem is that it may be a lot easier said than done.

Negative Thought Process

There are stressful aspects to this full moon in Libra which may cause you to look inwardly and dislike what you see. It's normal to listen to your inner-critic. However, during this Libra full moon, your inner-critic may take the wheel and drive you toward chaos. Don't be alarmed if you've been tearing yourself apart, left and right. In your search for perfection, you may be concentrating so closely on your flaws that you're oblivious to the things that make you beautiful. Your perspective of yourself might feel warped, like you're looking at your reflection through a fun house mirror.

Be mindful of the fact that you may be hurting your own feelings. You might be so lost in the downward spiral of your mind that everything looks a lot worse than it really is. This is why it's so important to get out of your head. Open up to those you trust and talk about it. Get out of the house and keep your schedule full of activities. Do something to get your mind off things.

Seeking Approval From Others

You may feel hungry for attention during this Libra full moon. You might desire approval from others in order to feel validated. The problem here is that you have no control over the way others perceive you. You only have control over yourself.

Take care not to waste all your energy on people who truly don't matter. You might expect people to treat you a certain way and base your whole self-worth on their opinion of you. There is only so much you can do to make people like you and truthfully, you have very little control over their perception. You could be the most awesome person in the universe and a certain group of people might still not recognize it.

Combat these irrational impulses by concentrating on what you really have control over: yourself. Make up your mind about what matters to you most. Is it kindness? Honesty? Integrity? Whatever your values may be, practice them at all times, regardless of the way people respond to it.

Creating Balance In Your Relationships

On the bright side, the Libra full moon will also highlight aspects of your relationships that need work. This is the most meaningful thing you can learn during this time. The truth about the way you've been treating those closest to your heart will be revealed. You'll be able to make up for any short-comings on your end and strengthen your bonds.

Instead of concentrating on the opinions of people who aren't important, focus your energy on people who have always stood by your side. Ask yourself what you can do for your loved ones to make their lives easier, to make your affections known to them. It could be something as simple as calling them out of the blue, just to let them know how much you love them. It could be an even bigger commitment, like offering a helping hand while they move out of their house. If you focus your thought process on a more positive avenue, you'll know what to do.