If You’re Feeling Extra Stressed Out, It May Be Thanks To The March Full Moon

The full moon in Virgo 2018 begins on Mar. 1, so it's time to start aligning your mind, body, and spirit. Full moons are always an intense experience. They represent the culmination of every thought, feeling, and desire we've had throughout the month — all compressed into one night. Folklore has always indicated that strange things are known to happen on the night of the full moon. Even the etymology of the term "lunatic" is rooted in the word "lunar," and it comes from the age-old belief that the moon has a powerful influence over our moods. Although there's no scientific basis to support this idea, I think there are many mysterious things in life that science can't explain. One of them being that the March moon in 2018 is why you're feeling so stressed.

When the full moon is in Virgo, we become obsessed with tiny details we usually don't pay attention to. We turn into frustrated perfectionists who can't relax until every kink is smoothed out. All in all, we want everything sorted out flawlessly. When a full moon in Virgo happens while the Sun is in Pisces, the combination affects us in our deepest core. Pisces is naturally tuned-in to matters of the heart, making us way more passionate and emotional than usual. When nit-picky Virgo is combined with overly sensitive Pisces, it's totally normal to start feeling downright insecure and majorly stressed out. However, it also exposes our truest essence.

Unveiling The Ugly Truth

While the Sun is in Pisces, we are flooded with a variety of emotions. We feel everything more deeply than we normally do and we're more in touch with our intuition. The full moon in Virgo, on the other hand, causes our more difficult thoughts to float to the surface where they cannot be ignored. Everything in your life that's no longer working for you will feel painfully obvious and you might feel like you're staring at these problems right in the eye.

You'll may feel tension in your love life, your career, your friendships, and your overall sense of self could be challenged. Anything that needs improvement, you won't be able to ignore. The Virgo full moon feels compelled to organize your emotions, which can result in a lot of stress if this process isn't fully embraced.

Wielding Your True Power

You might be groaning right now, wondering when this frustrating Virgo full moon will be over. However, these negative emotions aren't all bad. Quite the contrary. They highlight aspects of your life that desperately need renovating. They also reveal how much potential you truly have. If you were happy with everything as it is right now, it would that mean you no longer have room to grow, that you've reached the end of the road.

The fact that you know you could be doing better is a sign from the stars that you should be and will be. It just takes some hard work, which you can start on right after the full moon in Virgo helps you understand what it is you need to work on. This stress is simply the opening of a beautiful journey you're about to embark on. The pain is a call to arms. It's your source of motivation.

A Ritual Bath To Ground Your Energy

Whatever you're feeling right now might be a lot to take in. A full moon raises all our emotional temperatures, making it very difficult to find a moment of calm. That's why a soothing ritual bath can make all the difference in how you process the effects of the full moon in Virgo. It will cleanse your spirit, lift your heavy feelings, and purify your mindset. You can design your ritual bath however you like! Here are just a few suggestions:

1-2 cups of epsom salt

1/2 cup of himalayan sea salt

5-15 drops of your favorite essential oils

Rose petals (for the romantics)

Rose-quartz, moonstone, amethyst, or any healing stone for you to hold

Soft music


As you draw your bath, light the candles, turn on some music, and pour your ingredients into the water. Once you enter the water, find a comfortable position and shut your eyes. Focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths for a few moments then switching to normal breathing. Once you feel calm, you can open your eyes, then take in the sensations that surround you — the warmth, the sweet scent in the air, the soothing music, the feel of the crystal in your palms, the ripples on the surface of the water. Allow the beauty of this moment to cleanse you. Remember that the water is pulling the negativity out of your being and replacing it with peace and calm. You are made whole again. Linger in this bath for as long as you'd like.

Leave it whenever you're ready. Observe the water as it drains from the tub, knowing that all the toxic thoughts and pessimistic feelings you had are draining along with it. You are now light, pure, and free.