10 People Reveal The Last Text They Sent Their Ex

Have you ever heard that quote, "One of your parents picked you up, put you back down, and never picked you back up again"? Well, the same can often be said for communication with an ex. Everyone has that one text that may be the last message they ever send to their ex. Granted, there's no specific format or how-to when it comes to the last text to send your ex. There's just what you have to say to each other, until one or both of you leaves it at that.

Of course, with any separation, there may be a lot of communication leading up to this last text exchange. Sometimes, folks stay friends with their exes, so the last text they sent might be something they said super recently. Other times, folks may have had toxic partners and the last text they sent was a firm request to never be contacted again. The possibilities are probably as varied and plentiful as the relationships they cultivated. No two connections are the same: Every partnership has its own unique story.

Check out the following quotes for a small window into what some people have said at the very end of their relationships.

When it's clear there's some sort of amicability.
"How are your kids doing?"

— Nicole, 24.

When you leave him on read.
"He said, 'LOL sounds like you going back to the way you were before when you didn't wanna kick it.' I never replied. I left him on read."

— Sakara, 24

When you catch them red-handed.
He called me crying hysterically from his car after I broke up with him for catching him cheating. My last text was the screenshot of him messaging his friend asking advice on how to hit up this chick on a hookup app.


When you tell it like it is.
The last text I sent was: Free Msg: Receiver (555) 555-5555 unable to receive message — Message Blocking is active.

— Alex, 24

When it's complicated.
I care about you! It's just... hard to reach out to you sometimes because you're so self-deprecating.

— KG, 24

When you accidentally text the wrong person.
So I sent, 'Like, I just don’t understand you LOL' and then I sent this, 'Also, just a fun update, while I do sometimes not understand you the above text was not actually meant for you. and I am just realizing I didn't send to the correct person.'

— Giselle, 24

When things seem to have run their course.
"Last message I sent, he responded by liking the message. We were f*ck buddies for eight months. Truly, I’ve always talked to other people, but I’m wasn’t seeing any of them until recently, and I probably will start seeing him more. He wants to take me on dates and sh*t so I can only assume that things will go past friendly, and I know that’s something you’re uncomfortable with which I can respect. If that means we can’t do whatever we’ve been doing anymore then I’m OK with that."

— Haley, 25

When you're still friends, despite it all.
'It was pretty alright,' when asked how Spiderman: Far From Home was. It took about a year and a half of not talking, then talking a little bit here and there, before we kind of found the groove of just being friends with each other.
It's nice. He's a good person that I enjoy having in my life. I still kind of struggle with not taking on his feelings or problems on as my own, which was a big part of why we didn't work, but I do that with basically everyone I care about and should probably get back into therapy to work on that more.


When you really just want the best for them.
The breakup sucked major *ss, but we ended on good terms. At the end of our final conversation I told her 'all I want you to do after all of this, is find someone that loves you as much as I do.' She did, and he treats her like gold. I’m happy for them.


When you take the kinder, high road.
I said, 'Thank you for your thoughtfulness, take all the time and space you need, let me know if you want to hang out soon.'

— Griffin, 24

Communicating with your ex can be really complicated and rife with feelings. These folks' last text conversations show how many different ways you can leave things with an ex. If you're wrapping things up with an ex, hopefully you're able to do so peacefully.