The KFC Firelog That Smells Like Fried Chicken is coming back for 2019.

The KFC Firelog That Smells Like Fried Chicken Is Back For The Holidays

Courtesy of KFC

Get ready to make your home fried chicken-scented again, no cooking required. The KFC Firelog that smells like fried chicken is back for the holiday season. Now, you don't even have to go to a KFC to get a whiff of the comforting scent. These logs can make a chilly day a little more exciting for fried chicken lovers everywhere.

Back on Dec. 13, 2018, KFC first announced the launch of the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog. If these chicken-scented firelogs made your holiday season last year, you'll be thankful these are available again as of Dec. 5, 2019. KFC says the Firelogs sold out in just three hours in 2018, so you may want to hurry if you want to score one for 2019. The KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelogs are available nationwide for the price of $18.99 on You even get free two-day shipping if you order while supplies last.

The company wants to make it clear that although the logs smell like fried chicken, they're not actually made with it. The logs are made only with 100% recycled materials. They burn for an estimated two to three hours, so you'll get quite the aroma going in your living room.

Courtesy of KFC

If you'd rather try your luck and win one of the 11 Herbs & Spices Firelogs, KFC is hosting a #SecretSanders contest that began on Nov. 25 and lasts through Dec. 22. To participate, you have to get your hands on one of KFC's limited-edition holiday buckets, featuring an original illustration designed by Nicholas John Frith, an illustrator and children's book author. Technically, there is no purchase necessary to enter the contest as long as you're able to take a photo of the KFC bucket illustration and post it to your Instagram with the hashtags #SecretSanders and #Entry. To enter, you need to be 18 or older and a resident of the United States.

The contest will give you the chance to score a KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog for free, as well as 10 other items, making for a total of 11 gift options. The other gifts are left up to the imagination, though the hints and photos reveal what a few others may be.

Courtesy of KFC

These 11 Herbs & Spices Firelogs are only around for a limited-time, so if you want one to make your place smell like KFC, I would purchase one before they sell out.