The Jonas Brothers Got So Real About Bullying During Their TCAs Speech This Year

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's the Jonas Brothers' world and we're all just living in it. Ever since the JoBros released their comeback single "Sucker" on March 1, the group has been taking over the music industry... again. Within these past few months, Nick, Kevin, and Joe have released singles "Sucker" and "Cool" a documentary called Chasing Happiness, their sixth studio album Happiness Begins, and they even embarked on a world tour. So many fans have stuck with the JoBros all these years, and now, with the release of the group's new album, Nick, Kevin, and Joe are continuing to gain new fans. No wonder why the Teen Choice Awards decided to honor the Jonas Brothers with the Teen Choice Decade Award this year. The Jonas Brothers’ 2019 TCAs speech was so emotional and had us feeling so nostalgic.

The Teen Choice Awards took place on Sunday, Aug. 11, and it had so many celebs in attendance, like Taylor Swift, Monsta X, Louis Tomlinson, Noah Centineo, and Sarah Hyland. About halfway through the show, the TCAs played a video of the Jonas Brothers reminiscing about their past TCAs appearances, performances, and wins. They talked about how it was amazing to have gone from just appearing on the TCAs red carpet, to being presenters, to finally winning awards themselves. According to E!, the Jonas Brothers won 15 Teen Choice Awards between 2008 and 2010.

In the TCAs video, Joe said, "It was such an honor because it's teen-voted. It's like your friends and people at your school vote for you, people your age." Aww!

One of their favorite TCAs memories was the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, where the JoBros not only performed on the show, but they also hosted. Nick talked about how he was really grateful the TCAs allowed the group to perform whatever songs they wanted for their performance, even songs that weren't singles. Meanwhile, Joe remembered that during the 2009 TCAs, Mike Tyson was meant to cut Joe's "hair" live on stage, which was actually just supposed to be a wig, but then ended up cutting Joe's actual hair accident. OMG.

Watch the Jonas Brothers remember their fave TCAs memories below.

Wow. The Jonas Brothers have done a lot with the Teen Choice Awards throughout the years and, little did they know, the best was yet to come. On Aug. 11, the JoBros accepted the 2019 Teen Choice Decade Award.

Jack Black presented the Jonas Brothers with the award. Before the guys took the stage, the TCAs played a video of some of the group's biggest moments of their career, which totally had fans feeling nostalgic.

Once the guys came on stage, Nick, Kevin, and Joe made fans feel even more emotional by talking about how they got to where they are today.

Kevin started the speech by opening up about how kids used to bully him for his frosted tips as a teen, but that his hairstyle was actually how he landed his first commercial, which then made the JoBros give a moving speech about bullying and how everyone is different and special in their own way.

Aww! I'm tearing up! The JoBros deserve all their success and I'm so happy that they're getting the recognition they deserve!