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Tonight Marks The First New Moon Of 2021 — Here's What You Need To Know


You can think of the new moon as the beginning of a story. And as with all stories, it begins with a character in complacency; a character that is feeling stagnant or secure with their surroundings. In their story, a character is thrust from their comfort zone and forced to go on an adventure. This adventure is filled with twists, turns, ups, and downs. There's no way of knowing how a story will end, but you know it will end in a very different place than it began. When the January 2021 new moon takes place, you'll be planting the seeds for something that will eventually bloom; you just don't know what that thing is yet.

In fact, if you make a point of starting something on the new moon, you'll see it reach a sense of culmination and completion by the time the corresponding full moon takes place six months later. Since this new moon takes place in Capricorn, you can expect to reach the end of this road by the full moon in Capricorn in June 2021. However, you don't have to make a big presentation out of starting a new project on a new moon. It can be as simple as setting an intention or making a spiritual agreement as you let go of the past and focus on the future.

After all, this is when the moon and the sun form an exact conjunction, blending and compounding their energies. The moon rules over your internal self, your subconscious, and your emotional needs, while the sun rules over your ego, your identity, and the part of yourself that you would like to project to the rest of the world. This alignment translates to an open-minded, somewhat innocent perspective as you embark down a path with no way of knowing exactly where it ends. The new moon's dark night acts as a blank canvas. What will you paint on it?


The January New Moon Takes Place On Jan. 13 At 12:00 a.m. EST

Although new moons signify a new adventure, that doesn't mean this adventure is without its obstacles. This new moon in particular is marked with restriction thanks to the fact that Mars — planet of passion and drive — is colliding with inhibiting Saturn. This might zap away some of your confidence and energy as you try to move forward. That's why, on this new moon, patience and perseverance are the keys to success. There's no need to take major action on a new moon. Instead, think of maintaining defense instead of offense. Keep your cards close to your chest and think a few moves ahead of your opponent, whatever that may be.

Luckily, hard work and commitment are flowing on this new moon. Taking place in ambitious and motivated Capricorn, this new moon will tap into your inner boss and encourage you to dominate your field and give 110 percent. Capricorn doesn't settle for second best and it will strategize and synthesize a foolproof plan for success.

Capricorn may not be the first zodiac sign that comes to mind when you think of romance and relationships, but this new moon is a powerful moment for your love life. After all, affectionate Venus will form a trine with innovative Uranus, leading you toward relationships with people who inspire something new in you; relationships that teach you something unexpected. Venus will also be in a separating trine with sexual Mars, stirring this new moon with passion.

Whatever happens on this new moon, it's bound to be transformative. This new moon forms a conjunction with Pluto — planet of death and rebirth — and will encourage you to let a part of yourself die so that a part of you can be reborn. This will increase the intensity of this new moon, increasing your desire and your psychic abilities. Your intuition will be on high alert, so let it dig deep and discover truths that will help you along the way.