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3 Signs Are Bound To Find Something Beautiful In This Month's Full Moon

Get ready, because it's another major moment in astrology. 2021 has only just begun, and although the astrology has been a relief from the intensity of everything that happened during 2020, the challenges are far from over. In fact, the upcoming full moon on Jan. 28 at 2:16 p.m. EST will be an incredibly powerful moment. Of course, all full moons are powerful in their own right, but when you hear about everything this full moon stands for, there's no way you can deny that you'll be in for a wild experience. Luckily, if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best January 2021 full moon, the experience might be overwhelming, but also totally motivating and energizing.

However, this full moon is no joke. In fact, it might even make you feel like you've got all this repressed energy without any means of letting out. That's because this full moon is involved in a T-Square along with six other planets, and to make matters more impossible, these planets are all in fixed signs. In astrology, fixed signs prefer not to move and they don't like change. With all these fixed planets in a stand-off, it's as though they're all trapped in a room together and struggling to get along. All this pressurized energy might force a change, even if change is the last thing you want.

On a lighter note, this full moon also takes place in creative, flashy, ostentatious, and romantic Leo. A full moon in Leo can be a playful and artistically rejuvenating experience as it taps into all the things you've been wanting to express and gives you the courage to finally express them. This is why fire signs are bound to find something beautiful in this full moon, no matter how intense the experience is.


Aries: The Passion Is Sizzling Hot And The Romance Is On Fire

All you need to worry about on this full moon is reconnecting with your inner well of joy, Aries. Dancing in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, this full moon wants you to get reacquainted with all the things you find romantic, creative, and artistic. Do you enjoy dancing? Singing? Writing? Painting? Going out on dates with someone who really lights your fire? If you've been avoiding these aspects of your life or brushing them to the side, this full moon will remind you that joy is as essential an ingredient to life as hard work and patience.

Leo: You're In For A Wild Ride, So Hold On Tight

This full moon is all about you, Leo. Well, it isn't all about you, but this full moon does land in your first house of the self. This will make you do some serious thinking about who you are and how you express your individuality. Have you been hiding parts of yourself in order to fit into someone else's expectations? Have you been feeling confused about who you really are? There may be some fascinating and intense experiences that coincide with this full moon and they're all meant to help push you along on your journey toward self-discovery. Enjoy the ride.

Sagittarius: You're Overcoming Mental And Spiritual Blockages

This full moon might feel like a major "wow" moment, Sagittarius. After all, it takes place in your ninth house of adventure, expansion, and philosophy, which will force you to take a step back and consider the way the full picture comes together. When you obsess over just one detail or you remain too stubborn about an idea, you fail to see the way the world is made up of varying shades of gray rather than nothing but harsh blacks and whites. You may have some beautiful realizations during this time, so keep an open mind.