The First Full Moon Of 2021 Is Here & It'll Be Ridiculously Intense

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Can you feel that? That energy that keeps on building and building until you feel like it just might burst? That's the upcoming full moon, of course. As the moon moves through the waxing phases, it gains strength and momentum until it reaches its peak when the moon reaches its brightest and fullest state. Not only is a full moon a romantic, mystical, and witchy experience — making it the perfect opportunity to cast a spell or dance in the moonlight — but it's also a chance to take stock of an area of your life and come to terms with a change. The January 2021 full moon is just around the corner and it's so potent that you're probably feeling it already.

The power of a full moon is obvious. All you the proof you need is the intense way that gazing upon the full moon in the night sky makes you feel. However, there's an astrological reason for the full moon's significance too. This is when the sun and the moon form an exact opposition, thereby activating a deep emotional truth within you. In astrology, the sun rules over your external self; the part of you that can be seen in the light. However, the moon rules over your internal self; the part of you that lingers in the dark. These two aspects of yourself struggle for dominance during a full moon and the struggle may unfold through revelations, realizations, and the desire to express your most heartfelt emotions.

A full moon might also come with a gift or a conclusion of some sort. You can think of a full moon as a moment where you pick a flower you've been nurturing and watering ever since you planted it as a little seed on the new moon. The lunar cycle is a journey and the full moon is a climactic moment on this journey.


The Full Moon In Leo Takes Place On Jan. 28 At 2:16 p.m. EST

Every full moon has its own personality and unique energetic aura. This particular full moon takes place in bright, passionate, and creative Leo. This is a zodiac sign that wants to be seen; in fact, it probably even wants to be on stage, wooing an audience that can't get enough of their performance. That's what makes this full moon so interesting. Leo is ruled by the sun in astrology and a full moon in Leo is a full moon that demands your attention.

As beautiful as it all sounds, this full moon might feel beyond intense and possibly even overwhelming. After all, this full moon is all tangled up in the throes of a fixed T-Square that involves six planets, including the sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, and of course, the full moon. All of these planets are squaring off with each other and, since they're all in fixed signs, none of them are willing to budge. This can unfold like a maelstrom of pressurized energy that's coursing within you, only there's nowhere for it to go. Something's gotta give, and this full moon may push you to make a move or take action in a way that feels scary. Although pressure sounds terrifying and uncomfortable, it can transform carbon into diamonds.

A lot of fear and inhibition may come through on this full moon. However, your desire to express yourself will be just as strong. After all, this is Leo I'm talking about, the zodiac sign of theatrics, drama, and performance art. When faced with stage fright, deciding to remain hidden behind the curtain will always be the scarier option for a Leo. Let self-expression lead the way on this full moon.

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