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The Lunar Eclipse Will Be An Emotional Roller Coaster For These Signs


2020 may have just begun, but it's already an emotional roller coaster. Give it time before those New Year's resolutions truly start settling into place, because this year begins in the midst of eclipse season. This is when anything can be "eclipsed" out of your life, setting you off on a path you may have never expected to take. Even though change of this magnitude is usually the last thing you want, you'll probably look back on it all and realize it was the best thing that ever happened to you. Keep this in mind when I say the January 2020 lunar eclipse will be the worst for these zodiac signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — because sometimes you need life to shake things up and make you feel alive.

Taking place on Jan. 10 at 2:21 p.m. ET, the blood moon will spark a life-altering shift in the protective, family-oriented, and emotional sign of Cancer. This calls attention to your private life and the side of yourself the rest of the world never has to see. Secrets may be revealed, loyalties challenged, and emotional attachments severed. As it opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (aka a transit that threatens the infrastructure of your entire life, pushing you to grow through creation as well as destruction), this lunar eclipse could very well challenge your authority, as well as the authority that presides over you. Prepare to have the rug slipped out from under you, as you might need to fall just so you can get back up again. Forming a trine to spiritual and empathetic Neptune, this lunar eclipse is not without its kindness. Let the person you're kindest to be yourself.


Aries: Many Personal And Sensitive Truths Are Being Revealed

This lunar eclipse has the potential to cut deep. Shaking up your fourth house of home and family, there may be shifts in your living space, as well as your relationships with the people you consider yourself closest to. If your private life is hanging by a thread due to neglect, it's time to start nurturing your heart through love, care, and rest. Ambition can only get you so far if your foundation needs work.

Cancer: You're Experiencing A Shift In The Way You See Yourself

This blood moon will unravel the seams of your life so you can sew it all back together as something exciting and new. However, the initial shock of these changes may cause you to lose balance if you're not prepared. Transforming your first house of the self, it's time to embrace the person you're becoming. You know you've outgrown some things, but it's up to you to leave it all behind and embrace uncertainty.

Libra: A Revelation Regarding Your Career Is On Its Way

You're receiving an answer about everything you've been working toward. If you're on the right path, continue straight ahead. If you're not, a dramatic turn of events could encourage you to redirect course. Shattering everything you thought you knew about your 10th house of career, this lunar eclipse shines a light on your public persona and reveals whether you're projecting the right image.

Capricorn: The Strength Of Your Relationships Is Being Tested

You're on a forward-moving journey and things may be speeding up rather quickly for you. Not everyone gets to come with you as you charge through your journey, because you've outgrown certain relationships. By letting go of those whose paths no longer align with yours, you're only making space for people who want to build something long-lasting with you. Come to terms with shifts in your seventh house of partnerships.