The Importance Of Your Older Sister Is So Underrated & You Should Probably Hug Her RN

Being a sister is a special bond that can't always be easily explained. You kind of just have to have a sister to know how special she is to you. Though, at times, you can forget just how lucky you are. I have an older sister who's not only my role mode, but best friend. She's been there since day one looking out for me, and our bond has only gotten stronger with time. Now that you're in your 20s, you've really come to appreciate the importance of your older sister, and it's why you should probably hug her right now.

Growing up, you and your sis may have argued here and there over who had control over the TV remote and who was the real owner of that cute Mickey sweater. That's just what sisters do, but you also remember all the times you ran to her when you were upset and she'd make you feel so much better. If you were nervous going into freshman year of high school, she was the one to guide you along.

Your older sister wore many hats, and you truly are grateful for these 10 things she did (and still does) for you. Actually, just thinking about it now makes me want to send my sis a thank you text and post the cutest throwback pic I can find in my phone on the 'Gram. She deserves all the love.

She's The Wise One With The Best Advice

Growing up, you went to your older sis for every piece of advice. She helped you when you weren't sure how to deal with friend drama in high school, and guided you through crushes. You still use some of her advice to this day, and you are forever grateful that she's still willing to dispense it whenever necessary.

She Teaches You Valuable Lessons
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Having someone go through many milestones first allows you to learn from them along the way. You learned not only what to do from your sis, but what not to do as well. Of course, you still hit some unexpected curveballs here and there, but it's OK, because your role model is by your side, helping you navigate it all.

She Has The Coolest Clothes You Borrow On The Daily
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I can't tell you how many times I tried to raid my sister's closet. Even though we went back-to-school shopping together, she always came out with the cooler wardrobe than me. Luckily, with sisters, you share, and you always wanted to borrow her stuff — then and now.

She's Just A Phone Call Away Whenever You Need Her
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When you were little, your sis was conveniently located right down the hallway to bug whenever you wanted. Now, you may live miles away from each other, but the sentiment is still the same. You can bug her whenever you need her by calling or shooting her a quick text. She will always respond.

She Makes You Feel Nostalgic
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I don't know about you, but now that I'm in my 20s, the nostalgia can be all too real. I miss the days of dancing to the Spice Girls and watching Disney cartoons. Luckily, I have my older sister to reminisce with whenever I start to stroll down Memory Lane.

You Always Have A BFF Because Of Her

Your older sis was literally there from the day you were born, and continues to be your number one bestie. She's even made it so easy for you when the time comes to pick a maid of honor.

You Can Tell Her Every Hilariously Embarrassing Story
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You may not even have to tell your sister all of your hilariously embarrassing stories, because she was there to witness them. You feel totally safe and comfortable confiding in her. She will let you vent and share secrets, and never tell a single soul.

She Made You A Good Friend

Since you have an older sister who showed you the true meaning of caring and sharing, you've become a great friend to your other friends in the process. I know that I'm a great listener, because my sister was always there for me when I needed her.

You Can Be The Truest Version Of Yourself Around Her
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There's no filter when it comes to you and your older sis. The bonding may have started with the days when you'd roll out of bed in a messy bun and your onesie, watch Saturday morning shows together, drop some cheesy jokes, and laugh. You're so comfortable around each other that you can just be the truest version of yourself with her.

She Loves You No Matter What
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The best thing about having an older sister is just knowing that she'll forever love you no matter what. Even if you disagree, you always make up. She will always be your number one fan and give you the best hugs in the world. Some friends may come and go, but sisters are truly forever.