Your Childhood Friend Group Is One Of The Best Gifts Your Hometown Gave You

Growing up, some of the best memories were made with your childhood friends in your hometown. In fact, it was your friend group that turned every awkward middle school moment into something to laugh about rather than hardcore cringe. They were the reason you were excited to head to homeroom on the daily, and your go-to crew for every Friday night football game. The importance of your childhood friends never leaves you. Even after you head off to college and maybe live in different states after you graduate, they are still some of your favorite people.

I rarely get to see my BFFs from back home, but I text them all the time. When I'm able to make it back home for the holidays, I always make it a point to carve out some time in my schedule to hang with them just like the good old days. Despite living long-distance, they've never left my heart, and that's what makes them the forever kind of friends.

You and your forever crew know exactly what I mean. You still cherish the time you're able to spend together, and have some amazing throwbacks to laugh about. (They've been there since day one, after all.)

Even though you could have done without the cringe-worthy outfit choices and high school drama growing up, you would never take away spending time with your childhood friends.

They Remember Your Childhood Dreams, And Still Hold You To Them
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Your best friends were there when you first declared all of your hopes and dreams. Maybe you said you wanted to be become a doctor like Meredith Grey. Your friends remember what you dreamed of, and have always been your biggest cheerleaders pushing you to reach for the stars. They truly believe in you.

They Loved You Through The Hilariously Cringe-Worthy Outfit Choices
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Let's be honest: We all dealt with some awkward moments growing up — especially when it came to fashion. But hey, it's something to look back and smile about now. (And yes, I'm talking about you, neon cargo pants that unzipped into shorts.) Now, you can look back on those TBTs and see how much you've all grown up.

Your Longest Inside Jokes Are With Them
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Most of your inside jokes with your childhood best friends are so old, you can't even remember when they came to be. However, these are the things that can instantly make you laugh and smile, no matter what kind of day you're having.

They Were (And Probably Still Are) Your Emergency Contacts
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Whenever you had a rough day at school, your best friends were there to make it better. They were your emergency contacts when you tripped in front of your crush or didn't do as well as you'd hoped on your math exam. You helped each other out, and continue to do the same to this day. They are your people, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Their Families Are Your Families, Too
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Going over to your friends' houses almost every week meant you also got super close to their families. You could joke around with their siblings, and their parents always asked you how you were doing. You not only gained BFFs for life, but additional families you truly loved and felt a part of.

They Were Always Down For Any Adventure, And Still Are
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Your hometown may have been super small with not a lot to do, which means you and your best friends were always down to make your own fun. Whether it was going to the movies or just chilling at your favorite diner to grab milkshakes, your crew was up for anything. To this day, you're still on the lookout for unique things to do together.

They Supported You Through Any Growing Pains
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It's a big transition from middle school to high school. Not only were you juggling classes and after-school activities, but likely some teenage drama that came with it. Luckily, you had your best friends who always had your back.

You Always Had Partners-In-Crime To Deal With Everything Life Threw At You
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You and your best friends likely experienced mostly everything for the first time together. You went to your first school dance together, learned how to drive a car, and graduated high school at the same time. You will forever be grateful to have partners-in-crime to go through these major life milestones together.

It Doesn't Matter The Distance — They Are Still Your BFFs
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Growing up, you probably lived in the same neighborhood or a few streets away from your BFFs. You could conveniently go over to the one house that was the hangout spot whenever you wanted. Nowadays, you may only get to see them a couple times a year.

As bummed as you are that you can't hang as much, you know that they are always there for you. No matter the distance, they will be there whenever you call.

They're The Reason You Get Excited When You Go Back Home
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One of the best parts about going home is the thought of seeing your BFFs. Of course, you still love spending time with your family and eating at your favorite hometown spots, but your childhood besties are the cherry on top of it all. Things just wouldn't be the same without them there.