The High School Friend You Should Ex-Communicate In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Isaiah & Taylor Photography/Stocksy

Peace out, Girl Scout. Friendships, like relationships, can be hard. Going away to college means that you and your closest friends won't be eating at the same lunch table anymore, or driving around your hometown listening to throwbacks on the reg. Oh boy, you'll miss the memories, and having your besties so close. But on the other hand, sometimes that newfound distance isn't all bad. It gives us the chance to ditch the toxic relationships and the high school friend you should stop talking to, according to your Zodiac sign.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Your real besties will be there throughout your life, no matter where you go. Thank goodness for the modern world, because getting in contact with your crew has never been easier thanks to texting and FaceTime.

College is also a great time to make new friends. The girls who live across the hall, your study buddies from class, and maybe a sorority sister or two will soon reach that level of friendship that you've known at home. You'll find yourself catching them up on years of boy drama, and showing them pictures of your hometown. It's truly a weird moment when one day those two worlds collide.

Unfortunately, we do make friends along the way who aren't meant to be in our photo albums forever. They make an appearance in our lives to teach us valuable life lessons, but bring out the worst in us otherwise. Based on your Zodiac sign, here's the high school friend who just isn't helping you live your best life.

Aries: The Dependent Friend

Some people are leaders, and others are followers. You, Aries, are most definitely a leader. So, dropping the dependent friend might be in your best interest. The truth is, you've had goals since day one. You'll be the one to start a business, cure world hunger, or work way past 5 p.m. Who runs the world? Girls -- specifically, Aries girls.

The dependent friend might not necessarily hold you back, but they follow in the shadow of your success. They'll bring out the impatience and moodiness in you, simply because they're not as passionate about the projects at hand. You should still always be there for your besties, but know when to be a shoulder to cry on and not the step-stool to success.

Taurus: The Flakey Friend

"Don't listen to me! I'm flakey!" Oh, Taurus. The Phoebes of the world will cause you the biggest conflicts in your crew.

Out of your friend group, you're the most reliable. Whenever a friend needs something, you're the first one there. You'll sit for hours listening to them vent or tell stories -- creating practical possibilities of how they can attack a situation next. So, it's incredibly frustrating when you have a flakey friend who won't do the same for you.

You like stability, but this friend will constantly create earthquakes for you. Whether it's cancelling plans last-minute and messing up your schedule for the day, or just making impulsive decisions, you need the structure, and you won't find that in this friend.

Gemini: The Independent Friend

Gemini, you love your friends. You might not scream it from the top of the mountains, but you love your little circle and don't need the whole world to feel content. The independent, and even adventurous, friend won't feel the same way -- and you might find yourself feeling lonely or left in the dark.

You're a great member of any friend crew because you're able to adapt to everyone's needs and interests. You absolutely thrive in social situations because you think quickly on your feet. But, don't let this be at the expense of yourself, Gemini.

The independent friend won't likely compromise with you, and may make you nervous or anxious with their headstrong nature. It's not because they don't care, but you might want a friend who wants to be attached at the hip.

Cancer: The Realistic Friend

You're a dreamer, Cancer. You love to get in your head and imagine the wildest possibilities, even if they would never happen. So, the realistic friend will be a barrier for you.

Your emotions may get in the way sometimes, but they're also your biggest strength. You'd kill it on an episode of Shark Tank because you know exactly how to speak to someone's deepest desires. You basically majored in five-paragraph persuasive essays.

The realistic friend will bring out the pessimist in you. They'll bring you back down to Earth, but you'll constantly fight logic with emotions, struggling to find the middle ground. Be patient in her pursuit to ground you, Cancer -- but know there is also no limit to imagination.

Leo: The Confident Friend

You're queen of the jungle, Leo -- and let's be honest, you love the crown. So, the confident friend in your group will be some serious competition. Maybe this friend is also a Leo, or the classic leader-type Aries -- no matter what her zodiac sign is, she steals your spotlight.

You're passionate about what you do, and radiate creativity and generosity to every person you meet. You were born in summertime, so its no surprise that you and the Sun are both so warm.

Although your confident friend is just living her best life, she may very well bring out the worst in you, which is why it might be time to call it quits. It's hard to share the stage, and you might learn a lesson along the way, but nobody really needs drama, Leo.

Virgo: The Anxious Friend

You don't leave anything up to chance, Virgo. You think with your logical mind, and are incredibly hardworking -- regularly updating your five-year plan. So, the anxious friend will make you doubt yourself more than ever.

We all get nervous at times, but the anxious friend will be quick to think of situations irrationally or emotionally. You don't have time for that in your busy schedule, and you may start to resent her for long heart-to-heart conversations.

Don't wreck yourself trying to find the method behind the madness, and stick to what you know is true, Virgo. Friendships aren't math equations, and you'll be satisfied if it's a clean break.

Libra: The Aggressive Friend

Contact sports just weren't for you, Libra. You'd pick a solid hike, or Model United Nations meeting over a game of flag football or soccer practice any day. So, the aggressive friend will be quite the interruption to you, and your peace-of-mind.

Confrontation makes you nervous. You love to find compromise and are thankful for the times you can introduce new friends and find harmony in a situation.

Your aggressive friend may be a little hot-headed. They're temperamental and passionate, and aren't likely to back down from an argument. They will be the first to put you in an uncomfortable or sticky situation. Before you get stuck, use your skills to slide on out of that friendship.

Scorpio: The Wasteful Friend

You're a true friend, Scorpio. You're the Miley to your friends' Lily and Oliver. You go after your biggest dreams, and don't waste a minute of living life along the way. So, the wasteful friend won't be worth your time.

Life's an adventure, but it's also a climb. (Will the Hannah Montana references ever stop? Probably not.) You're brave enough to scale the mountain, but also strong enough to move it. You may have trouble trusting the people close to you, and won't forget that one time they lied -- even if it was with your best interest in mind -- but will constantly find comfort in passionate people who know their purpose.

The wasteful friend won't make the most of their time. You'll feel like you've missed out when they change plans, and aggravated by how they don't make the most of the friends and opportunities around them. You know your worth. Use your knowledge wisely.

Sagittarius: The Clingy Friend

The world is your oyster, Sag. You're the most adventurous of your friends. Wanderlust reaches new heights inside of you, and you're constantly on the move. So, the clingy friend will be the one to ex-communicate out of your crew.

You might unexpectedly jet set to somewhere exotic one weekend without telling a soul except yourself. You aren't afraid to choose yourself in the pursuit of finding the bigger picture, but it may come across selfish at times. Watch out for that, Sagittarius.

The clingy friend won't understand your need for freedom and space. They'll bog you down with details you really don't care about, and turn you into someone rather untrustworthy. Pinky promises are legit, and it'll be hard for you to keep the plans and promise your clingy friend expects from you.

Capricorn: The Wild Friend

You're a little bit old-fashioned, Capricorn. So, the wild friend will be your worst nightmare in the years to come.

You love when a situation is in control, and might prefer a night in listening to good music with your besties over a raging house party with strangers. Going out normally means being the "mom" of the group because everybody leans on your responsible nature.

You already might feel yourself resenting your wildest friend for the mistakes you don't easily forgive. Don't be so hard on her, Capricorn -- but also know when it gets to be too much to bear.

Aquarius: The Selfish Friend

You're a giver, Aquarius. So, it's no surprise that your selfish friend might already be pushing your buttons.

You love helping others. Whether it was coaching your friend for that math test last week, or giving up an afternoon to volunteer, you find fun in making somebody else's day a little brighter.

The selfish friend will constantly be your competition. You're not one for compromising, and you'll just never understand why somebody would put themselves first. Choosing yourself is important sometimes, Aquarius, but don't go with the flow if it's not who you are.

Pisces: The Critical Friend

You're not the toughest cookie, Pisces. So, the critical friend might be causing you more harm than good.

You enjoy your time to yourself. It gives you time to daydream and soul-search without reality getting in the way.

The critical friend will be quick to judge your thoughts and feelings. Yes, it's good we all have different opinions because it's what makes us so unique as humans. Taking time to escape can be healthy, and if this friend is constantly bringing you down -- well cue Britney Spears. Girl, it's toxic.